The Serpent in the Wilderness.

Listen to: “The Serpent in the Wilderness.”

November 28, 2017

>Jeff: Praise the Lord, I pray you had a good weekend. I did. Becky and I, we had a wonderful weekend, actually. We shall go to the book of Genesis 3. I am in Genesis a lot.

I believe I have a special word tonight. This will be touching a lot of hearts. Let’s join together in prayer. Let’s just jump in. We thank you Lord we thank you for the word. I would pray and the name of Jesus, that you would touch the hearts of the people. Increasing their faith. Open their eyes.

It is a simple message tonight. We perish for the lack of the understanding of your word. Please give us understanding. We will give you the praise and all of the honor and the glory for what you have done, in the name of Jesus.

Let’s go to Genesis 3 and we will go to verse one, and the serpent was more crafty than any of the animals that the Lord God said, do not eat of the garden, and then the serpent said, this is not true, and then the Lord told us not to eat of the fruit.

You must not touch the fruit, but God knows when you eat of the fruit, your eyes will be opened and you will be like God, you will know good and evil. Let me stop here. Do you ever wonder why God wants us to fast as we seek his face? It was food, it was pleasing to the eyes that attracted us to sin, it brings us down. This is one of the reason we need to fast.

We will talk about the serpent tonight. The serpent wants to deceive you, he is a deceiver, he looks like God, he sounds like God. I cannot remember the rest, but he presents himself as something good. He tries to bring doubt into the minds of the person to imitate to God’s goodness.

Then he says, I will go see man in the cool of the day, and the Lord God called the man and he said where are you? But the man said I was afraid and naked, and then the Lord said, who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten of the tree? Then the man said the woman gave me the fruit of the tree and I ate of it. Then the Lord God said, what did you do? The woman said the serpent has deceived me.

Then the Lord says, the snake you will be crawling on your belly, you will eat the dust all of the days of your life. I will put enmity between you and this woman. You will strike his heel. That me talk about this. This is the promise from God. The fall of man, man does not repent. But God says to the man and the woman, you shall overcome. One of your offspring will overcome the snake. This is a promise. Stand on it.

When I speak my word, it shall be fulfilled and it will happen. So God gave them a promise, and every good Jewish person, and when the Jews came out of the wilderness. They heard this story over and over. It was a promise from God that someday the Redeemer would come, he would take the people sins away.

They had the promise, the Redeemer would come, and crush Satan, through the children. They were always hoping their baby would be the Christ child. They would be redeemed from the curse. Okay? When I was reading this Scripture as a young man I was puzzled, and we shall go to the book of Numbers 21: 4.

They went from the mountains to the Red Sea, to go to Edom. The people became impatient, and they said, you brought us here to die. We have no bread or water. We are do testing this miserable food. The people began to complain about the food, they complained about the food.

It always seems better someplace else. I would like to try to the manna, what ever. My point would be this. They were complaining about the food. Why does God want you to fast? Because if you could conquer food which is a driving force, we could conquer the devil.

That me continue. Then the Lord God sent snakes to them, the people became bitten and they died. It says, God allowed the snakes. God was holding them back, and they were always there. He did not create them but they were already there. When they began to complain then they had a problem. They began to speak against Moses.

All of a sudden now the snakes are rushing in and begin to bite them and kill them. Listen to this. Then the Lord God allowed the snakes, and the people were bitten and they died. Then the people said, we have committed sin, we have spoken against you and the Lord. Tell the Lord to take it away. Then the Lord says and they did repent, let me continue.

I don’t know if they were sincere, they did not want to be bitten by the snakes. Then the Lord said, make a snake and put it up on a pole, and put it up on the pole and the people shall live. If anybody had been bitten by the snake, but if they would look up at the pole, they would be saved. God did not take away the snakes, they still came in, and they were still being bitten.

They were complaining against God and Moses, God did not take away the snakes, but when you see the snake on the pole, if you look by faith, you will be healed. So they would look at the serpent, and this was one that was dead. It was dead. If you notice ambulances, you will see a snake on the pole. People say that is healing. It was healing and forgiveness.

Over in the book of James it says, if you pray for someone who is sick, if you will pray for them, they would be forgiven and healed. They shall be healed. They looked at the snake, and now they put this symbol on the medical items, because it is a symbol of healing. But my problem with this, you know, this represents the devil. Why would we look at the snake?

So Moses made a bronze model, it was dead, but I did not get it. The Jews understood it. They saw this as the devil, and that the Messiah had crushed him, it was a reminder, the Messiah would come. They would stand upon the promise by faith, even though Jesus did not come yet, they would be healed. They understood this, but I did not. I did not get it.

I was very confused by it. Then I realized, they don’t see this through my eyes. They see this through what? Through the eyes of the Lord, and their teaching. We dwell of the New Testament, we miss the Old Testament. Let me go to the book of John. Our want you to see this in John three. You will have a Revelation tonight. Something will hit you. It will knock you down.

There was a man named Nicodemus, he was a Jew, he came to Jesus, and he said we know that you are a teacher from God, but no one could do what you do if God was not with you. This is a Jewish ruling counselor, and he talks to Jesus. He came to Jesus by night, he did not want to rock the boat. Then Jesus says, you cannot see the kingdom unless you are born again.

Then Nicodemus said how can this be? Then Jesus said I will tell you the truth you cannot, and the kingdom without the water and the spirit. Flesh is flesh, the spirit is the spirit. Don’t marvel that essay you must be born again. The wind goes where it will, you cannot tell word goes or where it will stop. Then the Lord says to Nicodemus, you are a teacher, but you don’t know these things. I’m testifying, but you won’t take my testimony.

I have talked about the earthly things and you don’t believe, and how will you believe if I talk about heaven? No one has ever gone to heaven but the Son of Man. Just as Moses lifted up the snake, so the Son of Man must be lifted up. If you believe in me you have eternal life.

He refers back to this time in the desert. He is talking about himself, and unless the serpent would be lifted up, wait a minute this would be Jesus. This is what the Lord told me. I shall come back to that and little bit. Let me go to second Corinthians, there are some things I wanted to get. Second Corinthians 5: 21. Here we go.

God made him to be sin for us, that we would be made the righteousness of God. So God made Jesus sin for us, he knew no sin, he put them on the cross so that sin would die once and for all. For all who would look upon the sin upon the cross, the serpent upon the cross, they would be saved.

Their sins would be no more. That me go further. Let me go to Galatians 3:13. Don’t run off, just listen. Please. We have been redeemed from the curse of the law, he became a curse for us. It is written, cursed is everyone that hangs upon the tree. We have been redeemed, We have the blessing of Abraham, that we would receive the promise of the spirit by faith. Jesus hung upon the cross, and he became sin for us. He became the curse.

When we see the cross, we should see the snake. Listen to me, and be patient. The devil was defeated. Sin died upon the cross. It died upon the cross, people. This is what I wanted to say. This is what God has told me. It blows through me. The church sees the Savior dead upon the cross, but we don’t see the sin dead. Jesus became the sin for us, it died upon the cross so when they would see the serpent in the desert, they saw the devil as dead, it was dead.

They would look forward to the Messiah, he had made the promise, they conquered sin when they would look upon the dead serpent, or the dead snake upon the pole. Jesus was put up upon a pole. God says too many people see the dead Savior, they don’t see it right. I’m not dead but I am alive. But sin and death, sin and the curse is what I would become for you, and this is what you should see on the cross. It died through me because of you.

But now they see a dead Savior, and they say there is no hope. But your hope is that sin died upon the cross. For those of you that are the naysayers. Let me go to first Peter 2:24. Help them, Lord. Look at this. All right. After looking at himself, I’m in the wrong place. Yes that’s the wrong place. I’m confused.

3:24, I’m sorry, 2:24, it says, he bore our sins upon the tree, so that we would die to sin and live to righteousness, by his wounds we are healed. When they would see, when they would see the serpent upon the pole, they wanted to see Christ’s coming and they would be healed. Because they looked up with the faith. It bypassed the law. The law said they should been punished, but they would by faith so they were healed. We look back to Christ, and we see that sin and the curse died upon the cross, Jesus rose from the dead, but sin and sickness was dead forever. We give it over to him as we look at the cross by faith. We don’t see a dead Savior.

We see our sins that of died. We have a living Savior. Stay with me, don’t say that you are losing me. That me go to Hebrews 9:28. Christ was sacrificed to take away the sins of many, and he will come back us second time, not to bear our sins, but to bring salvation to those that wait for him. He won’t die again. Jesus does not bear our sins again. He died upon the cross. Jesus does not bear the curse again.

People say please, God please, do this or that. But the Lord says I have done it! What more do you want!? It is your turn to believe now. You have to take it by faith. You have to look at the cross. I am not done, Hebrews 9 and look at verse 28, I’m sorry 10:12. I know it was here. When the high priest is offered as a sacrifice for sin, he sat down at the right hand of the father, now he will wait for his enemies to be made a footstool. Now he is been made perfect forever to those that are being made holy.

The spirit testifies about it, and he says this is the covenant I will make with them, and then the Lord says, I will put my laws into their hearts, I will write them on their minds. The Lord says I will remember your lawless deeds no more, and you are forgiven, and there is no more sacrifice for sin. Your sins are gone. Therefore, now we can go into the holy of holies, by the blood of Jesus. We can come into his presence, by a new and a living way, through the curtain.

That would be his body, now we have a high priest, we can be sincere and assured, we are sprinkled from a guilty conscience. We are washed in pure water. One that is promised is faithful. Let’s exhort one another on to love and good deeds. Let’s don’t stop meeting together, but let us encourage one another, as we see the day approaching.

Now my friends, the law of death is in the body, but what you mean, pastor? Like maybe your hair is gray, you have wrinkles. Maybe you flatten and widen out. In my last thing to go would be my body, and the last thing to go is death. He has already put the curse, We have the deposit of his glory now. I will say this, and until you understand, you will not be able to walk by faith. God wants that all that would be sick would be healed. All. All. All who look what upon the serpent, they were healed, they lived. It was all. Not some. It was all.

Christ died and he suffered the beating and by his stripes, it was so that all would be healed and we would be saved. But not all will be healed, because not everybody will look upon the cross by faith. Do you understand me now? Do you truly get it? It is time for us to see that the curse, it died upon the cross. But you might say but what is under the curse? Every good thing comes from the father, every evil comes from the devil.

It comes upon us as we commit sin. I need to read this one more Bible verse. It would be the book of James 1, I do not know where it is. Now here it is. When tempted nobody should say I am tempted by evil and God cannot tempt anyone, but everyone is tempted, and by his own desires, he is taken away and enticed. Then after this is conceived, he will commit sin, and then this will bring death.

God does not tempt you, he does not bringing into sickness. He does not bring you into these things, Jesus wants to take it away. You cannot say the devil made me do it. God wants you to be sanctified. Don’t be carried along with your sins. Thank God, Jesus has delivered us of the curse. We don’t have a dead Savior.

I don’t like the crucifix. I don’t care for it. Jesus, as my Savior, is not dead. I don’t care for it. I like the empty cross. Because death and send went down, they went down, it went down to the grave. Jesus rose. He is still living to bring us to salvation.

The word is living and it is like a sword, the word is God, God will fulfill his word. You can stand upon the word. Just as the Jews understood what the serpent was on the pole. Even would not did not understand, and they did not perish, they had understanding what it all meant.

It was the promise and it was the promise, when they saw it. God would fulfill his word if they would believe. Then they would be set free from the bites of the serpents. Honey, that is good stuff. I wanted to read more but I must stop. Think about it. I want you to think about it.

Let’s pray for the people in a moment. I have one quick thing I wanted to say. We have four days left to raise the budget. We are down $22,000, as of right now. I don’t know what is in the mail, but I hope that something might come in the mail. We need about $5500 per day. I will share this with you. On right now we need about $5600 per day, last week God did something for me.

He lifted the burden of the program off of my shoulders. He lifted it. I had been so free, my wife could not believe the difference. She said I know this was God. This is not my problem. I must be obedient. If the people want to the program, it will be, but they have to want it. If they do not. It will not be. It’s that simple.

I am telling you, the burden is not yours, it is not yours. So the choice is, right now, what do you want? We have to raise this money, we have to have the money. I will tell you one thing. I know we have some programs they sell things. I’m not talking against it. I’ll tell you what I think.

I’m not going to merchandise, if it comes down to that I have to sell things, for the program to be here, maybe the program would be here but I will not be here. I will not merchandise anything. I won’t go there. I’ve not done that in the past, I won’t do it now. The answer is no. I won’t do it.