Righteousness Exalts a Nation.

Listen to: “Righteousness Exalts a Nation.”

November 8, 2017

Praise the Lord. I am glad to be with you, I hope you had a good day. I am pastor Jeff Lane and this program is live on the air. The telephone number is on your screen. We shall have prayer together in a little bit.

We shall begin with prayer and the word of the Lord. My wife went to Facebook, and we went to Carpenter’s Way, and we had the most views, since we have been on that platform. We had some people that were disgruntled. We do not know why. They were angry.

One was in Columbia, and I cannot remember the other place, I got a kick out of it, and they look like they would be happy to kill me. That would not be the first time.

What I thought was wonderful they were hearing the word of the Lord and they heard the word of the Lord. They were listening. Praise God.

We have people who are saved because of that; so keep listening. You can get angry but we thank God that you are listing at we thank God you might be saved. We thank you for what we are about to receive and I thank you in the name of Jesus that you would deliver the word all over the world. All over the world to the people.

I pray that you would give this to the pastors and wake them up into the name of Jesus. It is time for us to be obedient and produce the fruit, and get about your business. In the name of Jesus I pray, amen.

Okay, let us go to first John. I would be looking at chapter 5 and let me read it, and everyone that believes that Jesus is the Christ would be born God, and if you love the father, you would love the Lord, we know that we love the children of God because we love God, we carry out his commandments.

This is love, the love of God, to obey his commandments and they are not burdensome for everybody born of God overcomes the world, and this is the victory is overcomes the world, even our faith and you overcomes the world? The one that believes that Jesus is the son of God. If you believe that Jesus is the son of God, you will obey him.

You will do whatever he wants you to do. Jesus says, when he was on the earth, blessed is the one that hears the word of God, and they put it into practice. He says, blessed are those that hear the word and produce fruit. It is not just enough to hear it but we must do it. We must do what it says, okay?

That beauty of Christ, and that would love that he has. We do not mass murder people, we do not kill one another, we do not kill people in denominations because we do not agree. You do not see us doing that. That is not what we are called to do.

I have had a hard time if my religion wanted me to kill people because we would disagree on the law, or killing babies and running them down, like some crazy coward. Why would you want to follow that? I would be puzzled. I do not get it. That would be neither here nor there.

Let me go to Exodus 3:1. Maybe that is not it, all right yeah, that would be it. Moses was attending the flock, and he took the flock to the far side of the desert and he went to the mountain of God, there the angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a Bush, and Moses saw it and it was modify but it did not burn up at a Moses said I would go over and see what it is. The bush did not burn not matter when he went over to look at the bush at a God called to him and he said to Moses, Moses, and he said I am here. God said do not come closer and take off your sandals at a you are is holy ground of any said to me I am the God of your fathers the God of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob, and then a Moses hid his face because he did not want to look at a God.

God calls to Moses from of the bush and he says I am the great I am. If you will remember, Jesus says he is the great I am, Because he said this, they wanted to kill him, and he says the great I am, he said he was I am. Jesus did not make any bones about who he was. He made it very clear. They did want to kill him. When you preach the word, the venue do what God wants you to do, they might want to kill you.

Let me go back to what is happening here is Moses, and God says, this is the holy rather because I am here and take off your sandals and this is a holy place, and then he says I have got a jump for you to do. The Lord says, I have seen the misery of the people of Egypt I have heard the cries because of the slave drivers and I am concerned about their suffering.

God is concerned about your suffering and do not panic because God sees. He says that come down to come to rescue you from the hand of the Egyptians, that I could bring you up out of the land, into a good land, that would be flowing with milk and honey, and able to be a land flowing with milk and honey, and now their cries have reached out to me and then I the way they are open rest. Go, I will send you to Pharaoh to send my people,

and Moses says, and how can I go to Pharaoh? Bring them out? God says I shall go with you. I want you to stop and want you to see something and this is a holy God that he calls Moses and he says I want you going to deliver the people I have seen the misery and I am concerned about it, and I want to do something about it.

Many people to do not know that God wants to take you to the promised land, all of the people to come God will drive out because they had become so exceedingly evil, and God says, they are not worthy of the land. He drives the mountain. Maybe you know, and the Israelites were not saints, but just stay with me.

But God says, to Moses, the man of God, he says I shall go with you, and so pastors, do not get into the pulpit unless God wants you to do that. If God is not with you, you would be in the wrong place. Put that on the shelf and let me go to the book of Exodus 4. 4:18.

Moses went back to his father-in-law, Jethro, he said let me go back to my people in Egypt, and let me see if they are alive and then he said go because I wish you well. Then the Lord says, go back into Egypt because all of the people that wanted to kill you would be dead, and that would be comforting.

Moses took his wife and sons and he put them on a donkey and he went back into Egypt, and he took the stamp of the Lord in his hand and the Lord says when you go back into Egypt, I will, I want you to perform the wonders that I will show you. I shall harden Pharaoh and he will not let the people go.

Out of this is what God says to the land of Israel, let these people go so I will kill your firstborn. I want you to see, that God sends them on a mission and they been commissioned, and Moses has the anointing to do the work. You look at the next verse. There is a launching way, and the Lord met Moses, and they wanted to kill him.

I remember the first time I read this, but I was like excuse me, this is the man that you just spoke to from the burning bush. You are the past have the present, and now you want to kill him. Excuse me, Lord? I am slightly dumbfounded.

That me continue. Then the Lord meets Moses and he was about to kill him, but one of the women, a wife, took the knife, and she cut off the foreskin of her son, and then she said so the Lord God, let him alone. Then she was the bridegroom of the blood for the circumcision.

So the wife of Moses, she talked about it, she did not want to circumcise these sons, Moses did not obey God. God says circumcise these young men and Moses did not do it and he was disobedient, and God wants to kill him. When God calls you he wants you to have a higher standard, you must obey God like everybody else does. You cannot say well I am the president, and I can do whatever I want. I can steal and kill because I am not held accountable, the big cheese.

Maybe you think that you would not be held accountable at maybe you do things in private, and who you for around with, will not affect you but I have got news, God deceives it and he saw the misery of the Israelites as God sees you. If you walk in the holiness of God, you cannot take her with you and was presence. You have to wash your feet. Cleanse your feet. God will be holding you to a higher standard.

God is watching, he will make sure you do the right thing, and do not think you can get away with it. God says, I have come to judge the pastors and the people, and leaders. He says I do not want to destroy them or condemn them, but I want to justify them. I have come so that they might live in righteousness be worthy of the calling. It would be for two reasons.

You have the word of the Lord inside of you, the greater one is inside of you and you have the word to speak to the people, that is number one. You better be careful when you have his holiness because he is a consuming fire. It is to protect you from the enemy. So the enemy cannot get in a door, when you are called by God, honey be careful, you have a target on your back.

I have been here for about two years or so, I have been down here and I have had people attempt my life, I had not been here very long and they wanted to kill me. People want to kill you and you do the work of the Lord. They want to kill event destroy you, for no good reason.

Cain killed Abel But for what reason? Why did he think he would do? May killed his brother? When I think about it, and I think but what did you think you would accomplish? Let me continue let me see what God says.

Let me go to Joshua 5:13. This is a another Scripture that hit me like a freight train, at what in the world? 5:13 Adam and Joshua was near Jericho he saw a man standing in front of him with the sword in his hand, and Joshua says, are you for me? Or against me? He says I am the commander of the armies of the Lord and I am with you, and then Joshua fell down, and then he says that what do you want to say to me?

Then the Lord says, take off your sandals because where you are standing is holy ground and then Joshua did this so. I believe, that Jesus is standing in the road, he is the commander at and Joshua says who are you for? Then the Lord says I am not for anybody in particular. There was simply judgment. Like with the angels. Sinner or saint. In or out. He says I will send you to the land but my judgment shall fall upon you like it will for them. If you do like they are doing, I will kill you like I will kill them but I will give you the opportunity to do the right thing, you and the Israelites.

Either you would be for me or against me. But I am not against you or for you. I am here to stand in judgment of the land, okay? Stay with me and do not get excited. 6:21. They devoted the city to the Lord, they went into Jericho they destroyed the city, they dedicated to the Lord and they killed everybody. The men and women, even the animals. Then there were some men that were spying on the land, and they took out of the prostitute, and they took her out so the young man who had done these things they brought out Rahab the harlot, and all of the family members.

They put them in the place outside of the camp and then they burned the city down. Then they put the gold, and then they put everything into the treasury of the Lord. But Rahab was saved Because she hid the spies, Rahab was spared. Now she is among the Israelites to this day. Joshua kept his word and he protected her, because she protected the spies. She was not destroyed, and her whole family was saved.

If you want to go to Hebrews, let me show you, 11:31. I want to read this about Rahab. Rahab was a prostitute but she protected the spies and she was not killed with a disobedient. She had a choice. God spared her and her family, her and her family because she was obedient. She did not have to die, and everybody else could have been saved. But the rest of them wanted to stay in the wickedness. She heard the word. They understood they were coming. She said we know you will destroy us.

She became obedient to the word of God, and therefore she was. Look at what James says about Rahab, James 2:25 and he says this. In the same way, Rahab the prostitute was righteous when she gave the lodging to the spies and she sent them out a different way. Like the body without the spirit is dead so faith without works is dead. She was obedient. She protected the spies at a God protected her and her family. Put that on the shelf now let me go back to Joshua.

Chapter 7 and look at verse 2, I have got to go even faster. Then he says, I will send you to AI, and they went to Bethel, and go and spy out the land. When they returned back to Joshua, I will paraphrase it, they said there shall not be problem, we can take care of this. They fought the people in AI and the Israelites were killed. Joshua was all carrying on. Oh, woe and, you know, excessive misery.

God says get up, stop complaining with your pity party, there were things that were devoted to God and you took it and you did not obey me, and now you cannot stand in front of your enemies. Take care of the problem. They took the man who was the sinner his name was a can, he was a sinner, look at this, go to verse 24.

Then it says, they took this young man Akin, and they took all of the family members, and everything they had, at and Joshua says, you have brought, upon us. The Lord shall travel you today than they kill him by stoning him. Rahab saved her family because Akin, his family was all burned to death. They lost their lives because of the disobedience. They did not walk by faith.

Faith is not just hearing it but it is doing it we have to do the work of the Lord. Go with me now over the book of Hebrews and all wrapping, I am wrapping it up but I speak a long time but this is important. We would go to Hebrews. I want you to understand. God says, it would be a Sabbath day rest. He says for anyone that enters into the rest of God, they stop their own work, and therefore we should enter into rest that nobody would fall short of God’s glory. They never made it into the promised land but why? They were disobedient.

Hebrews 12:14, be at peace with all men, and listen to, and to be holy and without holiness you shall not see the Lord. I said that last night, and do not misunderstand, do not miss God’s grace, and do not be immoral, and like Esau he sold his inheritance. When he wanted the blessing but he was rejected, and he could not change God’s mind even though he cried about it.

You have not come to the mountain that could be touched that is burning with fire. It is a trumpet blast, it is a word, it was spoken. They could not bear what was told to them. If the animal was touching a mountain able to be stoned.

It was terrifying Moses says and I am afraid, now I am coming to Jerusalem, and I have come to the angels of the joyful angels, the firstborn, you have come to the God of the nations, he is making righteous men perfect. Jesus praying close his blood, and it is a better covenant and abel. Do not refuse the one who speaks. They did not escape and we will not escape if we will be turned from him.

Then he shook the earth, and now he says, I will shake the heavens and the earth and outer shake everything that cannot be shaken. Gone says our shake everything that can be shaken so that those things that cannot be shaken will remain. Live as be thankful and worship God, with reverence, our God is a consuming fire.

God is shaking the church, but not to destroy it. He wants to shake it, and to put you through the fire. To get out the evil. Esau lost his birthright. It did not mean that he would not go to heaven, but he could have had of the double blessing, he could have been a leader. He could have been in charge, but his brother became Jacob, he received the blessing.

Do not miss out on the call of God, and God wants to shake the pastors like never before. God is a consuming fire. If you think you can take his word in your mouth and speak it out, and that will not burn you first, have got news for you, you would be very foolish. God will shake you have purified of the church.

He will not condemn the church, but he shall judge us, and get us on the right track. You know, he will have to apologize to Akin and we must be obedient, and we must be obedient first and foremost. Do not lose your family or your family members. Our God is a consuming fire. People?

God’s grace is magnificent, but do not put that under your feet. Do not think that you have grace you can get away with your sins, and God says you shall be held accountable. I did not say you would not go to heaven. But we shall be held accountable.

Faith is obedience, it is obedience and do not miss it. Do not miss what God wants.