We Perish for Lack of Knowledge

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November 2, 2017

Jeff: Praise the Lord. I am glad to be here tonight. I am pastor Jeff Lane. We are live on the air tonight and you will be able to call in, in a moment. We shall pray with you and for you. You can write or email. However you call me or contact me we do pray.

I want to thank you for joining us tonight. We had my teaching tonight on Facebook, and we had a lot of fun and we enjoyed that. I hope that you did, please let me know.

If you cannot see that, it will be up on Facebook for quite a while, I was teaching the same thing here, but not really the same thing exactly. We do not have the time to go into that here. We shall go to first Corinthians, I will go to the book of Hosea first, but I did want to teach on this.

We have had another shooting in Walmart in Denver Colorado, it seems like every day, we need to be in constant prayer, and our nation must come back to the Lord. We need to build our nation up again, and I do not mean physically, but we need to put a wall around the country spiritually. Let us pray.

Oh, Jesus, and who would have ever thought that we would have gotten to this point. I do pray in your name, and some trust in chariots and some in horses, some trust in their own power, I pray that we would come together and trust in that your spirit. You will protect us. You will keep us.

When we turn away from you, you have said, we would flee in several different directions, and this is what is happening to us. It is happening very quickly. Have mercy. Turn the nation around. Please bless the people tonight. Wake of the people up. We must be together in the spirit.

The church must rise up, Amen and amen. There is a saying, it hit me so hard, many years ago, and the pastor says, as the church goes so goes the nation. That is true. I believe it was back in 1961, prayer was taken out of school. If you look at the rapes, the crimes, they did not double or triple but they went up thousands of percentages, even more.

As we took prayer out and we have not told the children to pray. Now we wonder why is everybody on drugs? The children are messed up. Homosexuality is running rampant. But as we stop praying, as we stop praying, let us put it this way, you can live for God or the devil.

I am afraid that we will understand soon what it is like to live for the devil. People have become so reprobate you cannot imagine the people that are atheists today. It means against God, it does not mean nonbelief. It is impossible not to believe God, in the Bible says it is in our hearts to believe him.

Let me go to Hosea 4:6, my people will be destroyed for lack of knowledge at because they have rejected knowledge, and I have rejected you and you have ignored God, and I will ignore your children. It does not simply mean knowledge but understanding at wisdom. Because of the lack of understanding of the word, in the Scriptures.

There is a great epidemic today and that would be a lack of understanding and the knowledge of God’s word, and I am astounded and when I say astounded, I am truly astounded, how ignorant, I am not saying that we are stupid but yes, it is stupid– to not to know the word, but I am astounded how little we understand the word of God.

People write to me, I wonder if I can even answer it. Are they so far away from God? I am not sure I could say anything and change their minds. I would have to teach them so much, just to have them to understand what I am trying to say. The lack of the knowledge of the word of God, it is the sword of the spirit. You have to know the Bible, the word is Christ.

In the beginning was the word and then the word was God, everything that was made was made through him, it is not about him, but we need to know him. Not about him. Let me go to first Corinthians and I want to pick it up, this would be chapter 14 I am sorry, 12, and I want to go to verse 25, and we saw this last night but I want to see it again, so that there should be no division in the body, but that it should have equal concern for one another.

If one part suffers everybody suffers with it. If one part would be honored everybody would rejoice and we have something in the Western culture, if you study history, they call this hero worship, and this is where we might have a man or a woman or someone and usually a man and they would worship that person as a hero. It would be like a Goliath, so to speak. They would worship that person, like he would be God, and the whole concept in our culture of the comics and you have the Superman like Spider-Man and Batman, that is exactly what I mean.

God is not interested in hero worship and that is now he works. In the last days, God will share his glory with some superstars that want to be. There are those that want to do this and that, they want glory. God is interested in the church to rise up and be one in the spirit and to be one in the spirit and the church and we have got to do this with Christ, the only superstar is Jesus.

I say this, now let me jump over, the book of Ephesians, all right, let me put on my glasses, Ephesians 4, if I am not mistaken. We will go to verse one, and it says as a prisoner for the Lord, I would urge you, to live your life worthy of your calling, to be humble, gentle, and patient and bear with one another in love, give the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace. There is one body, that one spirit, just as you were called into one hope and when you were called. There is one Lord at one faith, one baptism, one God, and one father of all, and he is over all and through all, and in all.

But to each one, grace has been given as Christ has given it to us and this is why it says when he went on high, he led captivity captive and he brought gifts to men. He has descended into the earthly regions, and he is the one that has gone up higher than all of the heavens and he feels the universe, it is Jesus that gave some apostles, prophets, evangelists and teachers and pastors, and to prepare the people of God for the work, for the service so that the body of Christ would be built up.

So the body of Christ would be built up, until we have reached the unity in the spirit, and in the faith in the knowledge of the son of God and become mature attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ and I want to keep reading but a want to stop because we need to talk about this. There are apostles and prophets an evangelist, and people say, and people say I am a pastor or an evangelist.

I am not kidding, and they will say the evangelist trumps the pastor. Then they will say I am an apostle and that would trump everybody. Honey, nothing trumps anything, and nothing, and there is a certain amount, and the higher you go, there is some hierarchy in the word of the Lord, when I would preach, I would submit to the pastor. There is sometimes, I might have a greater revelation but I would submit to the pastor, because he is the head of the church, and he was the shepherd of the church.

He had invited me in, and yes, and we should be in the church as the evangelist, but we have got to submit to one another and keep peace, and listen to one another. The pastor, he knows the sheep. He has to be very careful who he allows in the pulpit, and if he cannot trust them, to submit, that he has no business allowing that man in the pulpit.

Now, and we have all been given this portion in the body of Christ. Last night a man said, you know, they cut off my toes on my foot and I have got to learn to walk again at balance and that is what I started to talk about in the beginning of the program, and you cannot say that one part of the body would be more important than a another part of the body, and you might be able to get along without your toes, but you need your balance and we need balance in the body of Christ, and we need that in the body, and we are all equal in the body. We shall submit to one another and that there would be peace, and we do need balance would Christ is the head. Everything must submit to the head.

We all must submit to Christ, and we need to be careful on how we treat one another and if you cannot treat– the few cannot now let me say this and if you cannot treat the lesser parts of the body, and if you cannot give them all proper respect, let me say, and if you do not think your toes are important, let me hit them with a hammer, and you will find out how important it is. Very quickly, and of the toe would become infected, and what would you think that would do the entire body? I have seen people die from something as a toenail infection. But it keeps spreading and it will not stop.

You cannot say that one part of the body would be more important than the other parts of the body, that God is calling us to unity at we have got a job to do, and we have got to do this as one that we have got to come together, and I do not like to use the word team, and that is not a very good word, and we must grow together for all of eternity. I was joking with someone, and they said they had the vision of my battles, and you know, I and when I die I will be facing my last battle. When we die, we would come back with Christ and fight the last battle, and we must do this in unity. We must come together and be one, the only way that we can do that, that would be in the spirit, and we cannot do these things in human flesh.

I have spent a lot of time here, and let me finish, and there is one spirit in one God, and we must be mature, and then we can no longer, in Christ washed the feet of the apostles, all right now you think about that. We will not be an offense tossed to and fro, and we shall no longer be infants, tossed blown here and there, by every wind of doctrine and by cutting and craftiness of the men, and their scheming.

That we shall speak the truth in love, that we will grow up into him who is the head and that is Christ, and for him, the body is held together by every supporting ligament and we build ourselves up in love as each part does the work. So every part of the body must do a work but if you do not show up to church, the body cannot do the work.

Who knows, you be the part, that helps everyone to stand. But if you do not show up they might not be able to stand but maybe you feel insignificant but we cannot function without you, and your part. You can be saved and stay at home but you will not know what God really wants,

but because in the corporate body as we come together, we have a strength, to overcome and the gates of hell they cannot prevail against us, and they will not prevail against us, and we must be together as one at a body of Christ. God is not looking for superstars or heroes, and God is not looking for people to be Samson and he is looking for the body to come together, and Christ must be the leader.

We do not but through, but we follow one another, and not like cows drinking, but we build one another up and we prefer one another over one another. When you take someone and you make them a hero, you flatter them, but you destroyed them and the body of Christ, and there is too much of that going on. I know that I will be popular. Let me go back now to first Corinthians. First Corinthians at verse 27.

It says, you are the body of Christ, and you are a part of the body and the Church of God there is the apostles, the prophets, the teachers, the workers of the miracles, and those who have the gift of healing and those who can help one another and those who can be in administration, and those who speak in tongues, and not everybody has the same gift, and not everybody has the same gift, but we should all want the greater gift.

I will show you a better way. We all have a gift. People say that you are the apostle first, but the you know, the apostles planned the churches, that is what they do, and I like to think of that — they are the jack of all trade, they do a little of everything, master of none maybe, they build the church and they plant it. Then the pastor comes in, and then the evangelist and the other ones come in, and the people, it would not be like someone is the head over the other.

When you look at the beginning of the church, you would not really know, and there was no hierarchy. Each one understood his job and position. The closest thing we have to the head of the church was James, the brother of Jesus. He wrote the first book of the Bible. He said, the church had become, it was lazy and they had fallen asleep. We must get off of the sidelines. I would like to do a commercial showing people on the sidelines, and they never play in the game to make that point.

We did a puppet program in our church, and I did that in my church and behind the pulpit, I had Michael in the back, and we had Dr. Humphrey, and he would be like an expert on the Middle East, but he was a camel, he was a puppet. He would set everybody straight concerning the word. It was cute.

But the kids would run, and they would sit, and the parents would also listen. They enjoyed it but Mike had a very important part in the church, even though he was a puppet master, he was teaching through that. He had such a crazy sense of humor, the people ate it up. They realized they were learning so much.

Anyway let me move on. He says I will show you a more excellent way to desire, you should desire the greater gifts. What would be the greater gifts? If I speak with the tongues of men and angels, I am just making noise, and if I have prophecy and I know the mysteries out of the knowledge and I can move the mountains but I do not have love I would be nothing, and if I give everything to be burned, and I would surrender my life to the flames but if I do not have love that is nothing. It says it all right there.

If you want the body of Christ to come together in peace and unity we have got to love. You can say, you can say the right things, in the wrong way, and there is no love and that would bring destruction to the body. You heard me, you can say the right thing the wrong way, and that could hurt the body. But love is powerful. There was a song, the sugar helps the medicine go down.

Love helps the word to go down, and sometimes it is not easy, and sometimes we need the truth but we have to speak the truth in love. People can say something and you might think it is harsh, but you do not take it that way because you know that they love you and they have your back, the church and the greatest, the greatest gift of all would be love and we need to love and we need to operate in love.

Do not say Lord, I want healing of prophecy and let me throw in some may be, some of the other gifts of the times and the interpretations and you can say Lord, help me to love like you love and the rest takes care of itself.

I wish I did not know what I was saying. There was a time when I was preaching, and I was doing ministry, but I did not have the love in my heart, that I have the day. It was not there, the message was right on, what I was saying was perfect but the people did not want to hear it and the attitude was stinky, it was not done by love.

Maybe out of ambition, maybe. Simply out of ambition.–I wanted to promote my ministry and maybe not as much for Christ. God had to do a number on me, Whoo. Oh, I told the Lord, and all that I have gone through, I was a mess. But you know what? I love Christ, and I trust him. He has carried me through my situations. I lost my love for me and I found my love for others.

What God we serve. He is merciful and loving. People? Do not be a superstar in Christ, do not go there. Let us love one another and less prefer one another and submit to one another, and let us do it together. We can overcome the gates of hell.

Let us get out of here.