Walk like the Lord.

Walk Like The Lord.

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November 25, 2017

>Becky: Hello and thank you for joining us on The Prayer Meeting, this program is live on the air, you can call in for prayer.

>>Jeff: I think, I’m pastor Jeff, I’m not sure so I brought Becky, are you sure I’m Jeff?

>>Becky: yes.

>>Jeff: How do I know that is her? So anyway, it became funny last night, and people were questioning if I was the pastor. How do you prove that you are yourself? Maybe I could show you my license. Continue reading Walk like the Lord.

Obey the Lord.

Obedience Brings Restoration.

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November 24, 2017

Praise the Lord; I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving. I am thanking the Lord for everything that we have, I thank him for everything, the stars, and everything, and too many people to dwell on what they do not have, but they don’t realize what they do have. I am pastor Jeff Lane and this program is live on the air.

You can call the telephone numbers you see on the screen. We were here last night and we are here today, because this is where the people are hurting. Please go to Genesis 1. We will get into the word of God. The Lord rebuked me today. I know that might sound strange on Thanksgiving Day, but that is because I believed what someone said to me.

The Lord checked me on it. I might get to that tonight. I would pray in the name of Jesus that we can see your word clearly and take off of the blinders off of our eyes. I pray that we could put off our religious prejudices, and our point of view, I pray that you will quicken us, and I would pray we could be made life. I pray that we could receive the word and do it. Amen. Continue reading Obey the Lord.

Master Sin

Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving.

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November 23, 2017

>>Jeff: Praise the Lord, I pray you had a good day. Happy Thanksgiving. I pray that you would have a wonderful day today, and remember we should thank the Lord, and we should thank him for everything. I’m so glad for you.

I am not just saying that, I’m so thankful for you. God is so good, and last night I spoke with a pastor, we had such a good conversation. This is why I am thankful, for the personal time. I pray, I could spend more time with you. I miss that more than anything. I miss being with the sheep.

Let’s talk about that and pray. We thank you for this wonderful night. It is Thanksgiving. There are many people that will be busy, rightfully so, they should be. Continue reading Master Sin