Know Your Calling.

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November 3, 2017

Jeff: Praise the Lord, I am so glad to be with you tonight, I had about three seconds to run inside of here, it has been an evening. People are calling left and right to talk to me, this has been crazy, but God is good.

I am pastor Jeff Lane.  This is a live program and you can call in. We had a wonderful night last night, and many people  were saved, and maybe eight people were saved. The first few people gave their lives to Christ.

God is so good. God is good. Just a lot of good things are happening. Some of you are asking me about  pastor Anthony, I am sorry, my phone goes off, and this is not something I want on the air.

I have not heard from Antony, if you are with us tonight, call me and if the people are calling, and if the  people want to know about you, and I did not hear from you and I would like to talk to you, so please, and send me the email if you can, and maybe we can connect, all right, we want to go to First Corinthians.

We shall go over this and we are speaking about the church, and we are talking about the gifts of the spirit, and we want to talk about these gifts, and this is applying to all of the gifts, if that would make sense.

That we pray, father we thank you for what we are about to receive and we would you would help me to edify the body of the church tonight, to lift them up, and I would pray tonight, that the preacher would come out in me and the Holy Ghost, would speak to these people, and build them up, and build them up, and I pray that they would know you in a deeper way.

We pray. Amen. Amen. Okay, and we shall go to first Corinthians chapter 12, and I want to go to verse 31, and it says, and this is what I ended, but eager desire the better gifts, and I will show you a better way, if I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and I do not have love, I am just making noise, and if I have all knowledge and I have faith through the mountains but I do not have love that makes me nothing and if I give my body and my possessions to the to be burned, and I gain nothing in love is patient, kind, it does not envy or boast, not proud or rude, and it is not self-seeking, it is not angered and it keeps no record of wrong.

Love does not delight in evil but rejoices in the truth, it always protects and trust in hopes it perseveres love never fails and were there prophecies they will fail, and listen to this, and where there are prophecies they will fail, the tongues will be ceased, and the knowledge will pass away, for we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when the perfection comes in perfection will disappear.

I was a child, but then I became a man and I put away the childish things. Now we see the glass darkly and we shall then see face to face and I shall fully and then I shall know him fully even as I am known fully, and now these three remain, the faith and hope and love and the greatest Islam and we want to talk about faith and love.

But I do want to zero in, on something here, and I am talking now, and I want to say, and people, oddly, and able to take the Scripture and they will say, there is, in perfection comes through Christ, and so the older things are done away with. I am thinking, but what does that mean? Tongues comes after Christ, and we do not have perfection yet. If this is perfection, I have got a problem with that, and I do not see perfection in the church, yet and maybe you do. But I have not seen it yet. We are growing in Christ, and we are being more and more like him every day, but we have not come into perfection yet.

Now, if tongues would be done away with in that prophecy would be done away with, and prophecy has not been done away with and people still prophesy and they preach at a very people that say this and they are preaching and if you are still prophesying, then somewhere along the line, and your reasoning is making no sense.

Put that on the shelf and I will come back to that, let me go back, the faith and hope and love the greatest Islam and without and the gifts, and they would be of no use, the greatest and the love is the most important thing in the greatest, and what is anything without peace and love.

The love would be the greatest. It breaks my heart because, in the time where we live, people call of I am just mystified by it, and the lack of the knowledge of love, and I need the knowledge of God and we need to know what it is, and faith comes from the word, but love, love comes through knowing God and through knowing the Lord. Because he is love. In first John, read the entire book, and do not read that one time, but read this about six times at least and then that would begin to see cannot what love really is.

We have got a generation, they do not even have a clue, and they really do not have a clue. Liable to stay by even the worst situations in the matter what happens. When times are hard, and then people leave, and they might be disabled that whatever and the people say what you know, and they will say, you know I do not blame them, but really?

That we go back here, and that I want you to go to Hebrews chapter 11 and do not lose your place, it says, now faith would be sure of what we hope for, and we have faith in open love and what we hope for, and what we do not see in this is what they were commended for, and by faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God.

What was seen what was not made out of what was visible and how what I know, and that is how faith works, and that God does these things, and he makes it out of nothing. How what I know unless someone tells me? And somebody would have to tell me, and somebody who would know. Who knows on the earth how things came to existence with God? And we were not here and we were not even created yet. So, I have got a problem. I need to know this information and I need to know how faith works and how God brings into existence.

I can look at the stars and I know, that they exist, because God spoke it into existence but somebody had to tell me, because nobody was here but him. So I need the understanding of it of the book of — and I need to understand what it says, and it says, and follow the way of love and eagerly desire the spiritual gifts and especially the gift of prophecy and that is preaching, and not telling the future but this would be preaching.

It says get that gift of prophecy because if you speak in tongues, and you do not speak to men but to God but nobody would understand him, and he is speaking mysteries in the spirit but everybody that prophesy speaks to men for their strengthening and further encouraging and comfort. If you prophesy, you edify the church.

Many people will say, and they will say we do not need tongues, and they will say, and they would try to do away with that, but he says, honey, you need to pray in tongues and they were misusing the towns in the church, they were thinking, they were all going along, they were speaking in tongues but nobody knew what they were saying so the unbelievers, nobody would be edified, and no one knew what they were saying.

They were saying, I have no clue what you are saying. But we need the prophecy, so he says, prophesy and preach, and that would be an extremely important thing, that would be a very good gift, and what does it say? The gift of prophecy.

Now, I have been in church for a long time and people say well, you know, you have to teach them how to speak in tongues, and maybe you could teach them another language but you do not teach anybody and speak in tongues and that comes from the Holy Spirit.

So when people tell me, they teach people to speak in tongues, I am sorry, I am horrified, and you know, this is a gift of God and this is a gift that is given to you and you do not teach somebody out of speak in tongues. I cannot teach you how to preach.

Oh, yeah, and I am stepping on toes. I have seen many people who want to teach people to preach but that is a gift, it is a gift of God. It has to be done from the Holy Ghost. Let me show you this and let me go to book of Romans, and before you turn it off, listen to what God says let me go to the book of Romans okay? Romans chapter 10: 14. I have heard of some high sounding people and they think that they could preach, but it is not the word of God.

They might be quoting God’s word, and the letter kills, but the spirit brings life and be careful what you teach you will have a mess on your hands, if you do not have the gift, and I cannot write the words, and then I cannot say this is inspired from the Bible, and not that I could speak without the inspiration of the Holy Ghost.

The Holy Ghost testifies. Trust me on this one, in verse 14, Romans 10:14,and how can they call upon the one in whom they have believed and how can they believe in the one that they have heard, and how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can they preach unless they would be sent? And they will say who has believed our report? And consequently faith comes from the word, it comes from the word of Christ. So through the word, our faith grows, because someone was sent, but what does that mean?

To be ordained and commissioned, and to be separated and I do not mean ordination of men. I do not talk about that. You can ordain people all day long, and they can be preachers, and that does not make you a preacher because you would not. You know, just because you got a baseball that does not make you a pro, professional player.

In the Bible you can receive knowledge and understanding, but the spirit will teach you the understanding. You need the Holy Ghost to change lives. Now, go to Jeremiah and I want to show you this picture. Okay? Jeremiah chapter 1 and we want to begin with verse 4 and the word of the Lord came to me saying, and the word of the Lord came unto me and who would that be? That would be Christ, and he comes by the Holy Ghost. Before I made you I knew you, and before you were born, I set you apart and I made you a prophet to the nations.

He had to have the word, and he was not around at that time, and he had no understanding he had the Holy Ghost and God brought him knowledge. He says listen, I have ordained you, I have created you for a purpose. Then I said Lord, I do not know how to speak and I am just a child in the Lord says, do not say that I am a child but you must go to everyone that I send you to and say and say and say what I tell you to say, and do not be afraid, for I am with you and I shall rescue you says the Lord, and then the Lord touched my mouth and then he said to me I have put my words in your mouth.

He did not just simply go to Bible college, and they would make a preacher out of him. He says, my words are in your mouth. I will speak through you. You see today, I have appointed you over the nations to root out and tear down and to overthrow and to build and plant.

It says the word of the Lord came unto me, and God ordains men and women to be the preachers and be those who prophesy and we tell what God has done, all right, that would do the same thing with us. I see someone that had a healing school and they were showing out heal. But I would be like really? And do you think that you can do that? And I do not mean about being a doctor. But if you say these things, and do this, God will heal them automatically. Is a gift, people.

You have the gift of healing or the gift of faith. You have the gift of preaching, or the gift of tongues. It is a gift. It is supernatural. It is by the Holy Ghost. The men wrote this, and they did not write what they were thinking, but they wrote what God was telling them to speak, and it was the anointing that will break the yoke. The anointing is, and would God set someone aside.

They poured oil over the Kings head, and then they say, not go do what you can do, because the Lord came over Saul, and he could do what God had told him to do. It was the same with King David, and also others in God change their hearts, and God began to use them.

God gave his spirit to them and it is the anointing and the Holy Ghost that breaks the yoke, it is not by might nor by power but it is by his. I can go all day long and study and that does not make me a preacher, I would have a lot of knowledge, but that would not make me a preacher no let me help you. Satan has greater knowledge of the word than you do.

That does not make him a preacher. I did say that okay. Let me go over, and if you would be so kind, not stay with me, I hope I have not alienated you would let me go to Hebrews 5. All right, Lord please help them in this would be so important. This is important that you hear what God is saying. For too long and too many people are in presumption and they try to do things and they are not called and they do more damage than good. They should have kept their mouth shut.

Do not presume to be something you are not now let me read this from chapter 5. Every high priest is selected from the men and they are selected to work with God and they will offer sacrifice for sin, and he works with those that that are ignorant, and this is what he offers the sacrifice for his sins in his own sins and the ones of the people.

No one takes this honor to himself and he is called by God like Aaron. Just like Jesus did not take glory, but God said, I will be your father, and you are a priest after the order of Melchizedek.

Then Jesus offered up prayers for the people, and he saved us from death. He was heard because of the submission and even though he was a son, he learned obedience because what he suffered. When he was perfect he became the source of salvation for everyone that will obey him, and he was designated by God to be the high priest after Melchizedek you must be created, God has created you in your mother’s womb and got his set you aside for that designated purpose.

You need to find where you belong in the body, but people, do not be something, and do not do something God does not want you to do what why say it? And look at the book of James 3. We can stop here and we do not have any time for any more. You should not be teachers my brothers because you know that those who teach and they shall be judged more strictly, and we stumble in many ways, and notice it says, you should not presume to be a teacher. Not everybody is a preacher. You have to be inspired by the Holy Ghost.

We all stumble, and if anyone is never at fault he would be perfect and he could keep his body in check. When we put a bit into the mouth of the horse they obey us and we can turn them around. Maybe you could take a ship, and they are driven by the strong winds but they are driven by the small rudder wherever the pilot wants to go, you know if there is anyone that I could identify with, that is Peter. He always got into trouble.

But something changed at Pentecost. God says, you go out, and the word of the Lord came upon him and 3000 people were saved that day, but what happened? How did you become a preacher? One of my favorite preachers, Smith Wigglesworth, he could not hardly read or write, and he taught himself to read and write.

He got the Holy Ghost. They laughed at him, and she sat in the back of the church, and he preached. The power of God fell, and she said this is not my Smith, this is not my Smith but no, that was Jesus speaking through the man and he went forth and healed hundreds of thousands, and he was anointed to heal. Do not go unless you are commissioned.

Now, let me finish it up. The tongue is a small part of the body, but it will be a great force and the tongue is a great force and that can corrupt the entire body, and that can set your life on fire. It can be set on fire by hell, with all kinds of animals and birds, and everything can be tamed, but no one can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of poison. I say that for this purpose. Do not presume to be something you are not anointed to be. You can destroy the church. When I was a pastor, I would not let anybody in my pulpit, I was very careful. I knew if they were going to speak without the anointing they could wipe out the church in one service.

That is all it takes. A little spark. I would have a forest fire on my hands. In your calling for the ministry, and make sure that you are prepared and the Holy Ghost does the work. This is nothing you can do, you cannot do this without the Holy Ghost, and you cannot do it without the Holy Ghost and this is not by power or by might, not by your ability and this is not by power, but it is by the spirit of living God.

He is the one that does the work. We live and remove that we have our being in him, and he brings the love of God was, and he convicts men of sin and it is by the foolishness of preaching that they are saved. Folks, seek the Lord with all of your heart, and no your calling and know what God wants you to do.

Make sure that you would go to the power of the Holy Spirit, because, the rest, that is all hogwash, it is useless. It is worthless. Unless God does the establishing, nothing stands. Thank you Jesus. I love you all please, understand what God is saying, God is speaking right through me. From now on, the church should have the power of the Holy Ghost. Okay.