Journey of Faith 1

faith is a journey

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November 30, 2017

Praise the Lord. I hope you had a great day today. I did. God is good. He was with me. Let’s pray. Let’s get into the word, okay? All right there. We are set.

We thank you for the word that we are about to receive, and we thank you for your presence. You did not call us to have faith without knowledge, and without understanding.

I pray, that we could walk by faith and be completely loyal to Jesus, with everything that is inside of us. We thank you father and we praise you. Please have your way. Amen.

I am pastor Jeff Lane out of this program is live on the air, if you have not seen it before the telephone numbers are on your screen. You can call for prayer. That will be up on the screen.

Let’s get into the word of God. I just want to say thank you for your prayers last night, God bless you. I am being straight and when I came in last night, I was thinking, before I came in, I was thinking Lord, I need to go to the hospital.

I kept thinking I should go to the hospital but I did not want to go. I wanted to do the program and to be healed. I was trusting God.

God touched me, thank you for your prayers. God heard you and thank you so much. The pain was excruciating last night. I thank you for your prayers. God bless you.

We want to get into Galatians. We can talk about faith for a few nights, from another perspective. From what I have hit. This would be taking about three nights. Do not be impatient, we shall not get through it, no way.

This is the journey of faith, it is the journey of faith. You think about that, and faith, faith is a journey and it is a process. It is a lifetime of growing more loyal and faithful, and knowing God better. Okay. So.

I want to go to Galatians 3:16, consider Abraham, he believed God it was credited to him to righteousness, and even those that believe the children of Abraham, and we are justified by faith. We have announce the gospel to Abraham. Every nation shall be blessed through Abraham. You shall be blessed with Abraham the man of faith.

why would we talk about Abraham faith? First off, you need to understAbraham Abraham he is the father of faith of us all, that is what the Bible says. Abraham walked before there was a lawgiving from Moses, there was Abraham. He lived by faith. He did not live under the law but faith. With that being said, I want you to go to the book of Genesis 11.

Genesis 11 there are things in the Bible, when you read the Bible you will pick up on it, sometimes you miss it. But there are things, they can be very important. We will go to chapter 11 of Genesis: 27. I want to talk about Abraham’s father. This was the father of Abram, this was the father of Lot. While the father was still alive, one of them died in the lof his birth. These men married, Abraham married Sara. Sara was a daughter of Mielke. Now, Sara had been barren, she had no children. Follow me.

The father of Abraham took his son Abram, then he took them, the daughter, he took Sara, that was the wife of Abram. Then they went out to go into Canaan. To go to Canaan. When they came to the planes they settled. They lived about 205 years. This was the man who was the father of Abraham God spoke to him first, you need to go to Canaan.

I want to make a promise, I want to make a promise with you that you can have the land. He had the first shot of the promise. He went to, he went to the planes, all right now, help me, he went into Canaan, he goes into the lhe settles. They did not quite make it all the way into the land.

I want to say this so many people they hear the promises of God, they do settle for less. They decide this would be good enough. I’m happy here. I am content. People, one of the worst places you can be in your walk with God, it is to be too content. You might say what you mean? That sounds good to me to be content.

But when you are too content, when you become satisfied with what you have you will miss what you could have had. He could have been a blessing to the whole world. We would say that Tara, Abraham’s father was the father of faith. But he settled for less.

Too many people will settle for less, they will be content. They don’t come into the fullness of what God has. If you will begin your journey of faith don’t settle for less. Many people settle into the church for less. They have the house the family, they are happy content.

But settling, will show you a sign of a selfish Christian, they would be content with what they have, they settle for less. They don’t want to bless the whole world. You are not called to settle for less, but you should move the Bible says, leave your family you go. But because Tara settled, he lost the promise, he went on, God gave it to his son Abraham.

Chapter 12:1, God says to Abram leave your country the father’s household, go to the lwhere I will show you. This is the first commandment that God gives to Abraham, he says you leave everything forsake everything. Go out. You must forsake all, maybe your family is not too bad, but God says I want you to move. If you stay with your family, the family hold you back. The prophet of God has no honor in his own home.

There are times in my life, God told me to leave, leave the Midwest. But I with think but why what I want to leave? Am my opinion of Florida was scrub brush. I did not want to be here, I did not want to visit it. My wife knew we should be here but I said, you cannot plant anything there, nothing grows. They have storms the sand, I don’t like it. I don’t like the scrub brush. They don’t even have real trees.

I like the mountains, I love the Ozarks. I thought that was the lof plenty, I wanted to settle where I was. God spoke to me he said son you go there. He did not tell me where I did not know anything, but we got into the car, within three days of being here, the Lord told me to go back sell everything stay in Florida. This is what I did. This is what I did. I did what I was told to do.

It was not because anything was bad, it was, God wanted me, he wanted Abraham for himself. God wants you for himself. There is a great sacrifice when you want to do God’s will. Don’t simply settle.

God won’t tell everybody to move that would be presumptuous, but maybe you should leave everything, okay? If he says leave the family you must leave. What did I preach about last night? We talk about the unholy ties, we are separating ourselves from God. You have to separate yourself from the world, maybe that means everybody in the family, the lands everything you must do what God says.

So God told Abraham to go. Now let me tell you what you can have. I will make you a great nation to bless you. I will make you great, you shall be a blessing. This says, it would be a poor translation. Abraham, be a blessing, I will bless you. God told Tara, Abraham, I will make you a blessing make you great. They had to be obedient.

It is important, faith is obedient. It is complete loyalty to God, above everything else, above everything else. He says, I will make you great you shall be a blessing I will bless those who bless you, the people shall be blessed because of you. He gave him many promises look at verse 2, I will make you a great nation.

you have to have the offspring, but his wife was barren, so, God says, let me tell you what I will do, you take your wife, you go to the place that you do not know. You don’t have a clue.

This is a Scripture that I wrote down from Hebrews 11:8, this is the man of faith, all right? They did not have the Internet, they could not see anything on the Internet, they had to be obedient. Chapter 11:8. Hebrews. By faith Abraham when he went out, he would receive it, he went out, even though he did not know where he was going.

He went by faith, he made a home in the promised land. He was like a stranger. He lived in tents, like Isaac Jacob, he looked for that city, the architect was God. He did these things by faith he wanted to God. He wanted to build his home upon God. He wanted God to be his tabernacle.

He wanted to dwell in God. He had to go to the promised land. This is where God says he will bless you, that is the promised land. It is the lof the promise, but there is so much more, oh, honey. It is so much more than simply a promise. They inherited the promise because they were obedient.

Some people never will go to our Land, they will never go to their land, they will be content, they would be satisfied but listen. Satisfaction is the enemy of God’s best, or God’s greatness. You can have good or the great. But what do you want?

Do you want all of God in your life? If you want his greatness, you must leave follow him wherever he will lead you. Then you follow him, you go to the promised land. You will be a great nation. God says I will give you great children, you shall be a great nation, you shall bless the entire earth.

That would be a really good promise of the glory of God. Let me read some more. Okay. So Abraham left, he obeyed, he obeyed. He laughed where he was, he went with lot. Lot was 75 years old when they went out, then he took his nephew his wife, he took everything, all of the people he had, he went to Canaan. They arrived, how shall I go? Let me stop he what’s obedient, all right? There was a condition, he says this is the promise out of the condition. You will obey the Lord. You will have your promise.

Abraham went by faith, he had no clue where he was going. He arrives, but he does it by faith. He trusts God, he takes God at his word. He arrives, there was something I wanted to show you. He was 75. Many people when they are 75 they want to quit.

if God says you shall be a great nation, you are 75, many people might say Lord what you saying? I am delusional. I don’t know if I want to be a father at 75. I do not want to go to someplace in a tent what you talking about? I don’t know what you mean? then he says, I will be obedient. He did what God told him to do.

He did not have a son for another 25 years, that would be the walk of faith, my friend. It takes a while. I want to get to this. Abraham traveled in the land, when he saw the Canaanites in the land, the Lord showed Abram he said through your children you can have the land, then he built an altar to the Lord, who had appeared to him.

This is one of the biggest problems people have, God gives them a promise, but they don’t have an altar. They want to sit wait until it happens. Then they want to make the altar. But the altar is a place of sacrifice. It is to give to God worship God.

They make the mistake, listen, they followed God, they got to the place where they should be but they did not pray. You still pray even though you have a promise from God. There is warfare. God says you must be obedient pray.

Let me read this, then he went into the hills east of Bethel, then he pitched a tent, he went he went to the West areas, he kept building altars. Then he went out, he went to the Negev why was he running all around? Because? He would always golden altar. He would always golden altar.

we will be stopping right here because this will be taking some time. You see him going to Egypt he messes up. But his prayer carries him through. Tonight, maybe I could say this, listen to me, please. Build the altar. But again to build an altar. You have not overcome because there is no altar. There is so much more than you understand. You must build an altar, wherever you go. I don’t mean stacking up the stones, killing the neighbors dog, or the fatted calf.

But you find that place where you get alone with God, at the altar. Without the altar, first off you have no direction. You must pray. Prayer is not simply saying oh, God, Santa Claus give me, give me. That is no altar. The altar is when you give yourself to God. It is two-way communication. When you would be obedient to God, you build the altar, he will do his promise.

Maybe you don’t think you have a promise. Well but God has given you promises. You have the promise of Abraham. You are the child of the promise. I do not know about you, Abraham, God gave him a great deal. More than he could even imagine. That me stop right here. I want you to be on the edge of your seat.