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God Is Love

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November 7, 2017

>>Jeff: praise the Lord I am glad to be here tonight. God has been all over me today. You have heard about of the things going on in Texas. I will address that. I want the people in Texas to know we are with you. That little town.

We love you. We shall pray for you. God bless you all. We shall get to these things. Let us pray. God is good. We thank you for the word that we are about to receive.

I pray people would be increased in faith. They would have their eyes opened and they can see your nature and your character, and how much you love us. Give us understanding. Amen. 

We shall go to first John, we are talking about of faith and the church and love. Now let us put it all together. Let me go to John three, first John 1:3. I have got a lot to say, there is so much more than meets the eye. Let me begin.

How great is the father that is given to us, we should be called the children of God. The world does not know us, it does not know him. Now we have known the will of God, but what we are is not known, but when he appears, we shall be like him, we shall see him as he is. Everyone that has this hope, purifies himself, like he is pure.

Everyone that has this hope will purify himself as he is pure. I hit this verse. I am a child of God. I hit it. Things began to go through me. Let me go to second Corinthians. 6:14. Let us be like him.

Do not be on a righteously yoked with the unbelievers, because the light has no fellowship were the darkness, and the believers have nothing to come with the unbelievers. The temple of God has nothing to do with idols. We are the temple of the living God. God says I would be in them, I will be there God, they shall be my people.

Come out at a be separate, touch no unclean thing, I will receive you and I would be your father, you shall be my sons and daughters. Since we have these promises, since we have these promises, let us purify ourselves from everything that would contaminate us.

Perfecting holiness, perfecting holiness out of a reference for God. We are the temple of the Lord. We are the holy of holies, if I could say it. We are the ark of the covenant in our heart. He has made a covenant with us and Christ. Now we can know him out of the cross.

We should come out from among the world, and we should not be unequally yoked, and God wants to show forth his nature, for you and through me. Now. Go to the book of John 15:9.

Listen closely to what I am saying. God has something to say. John 15:14. Give me a moment let me get this writing find it. All right 15:9. As the father loves me, I love you, remain in my love, obey my commandments, like I obey my father, and remain in his love. I say these things that my joy would be inside of you, and your joy would be complete.

My commandment would be this, level one another as I love you. There is no greater love, than your lay down your life for your friends. If you do what I command, I will not call you a servant, but I will call you my friends, for everything that I have learned of my father, I have made it known to you.

I have chosen you, you shall bear fruit that shall last. The father will give you whatever you want in my name. This is my commandment. Love one another. If we go back, to– I want to see if I can find this from second Corinthians 6. Listen to what he says. It talks about purifying your self.

You purify your life for reference with God. If you obey his commandments. Faith is obeying. It is obedience. Go to my blog. Continue on my teachings, you will see some things about faith you have not seen before. As we obey him, it says, it says I tell you these things that your joy would be inside of you added that your joy would be complete. How is the love of God made complete? We do his commands.

And we keep his commandments, we love one another, we walk in holiness. Then you will know his will and his ways, you will have a direction, and he would do what? He will do whatever you ask in his name. Let me go to the book of Hebrews. Let me look at this. Hebrews 12:14.

All right. 12:14 at make every effort to be at peace, peace with all men, and be holy, without holiness you cannot see the Lord, and do not miss the grace of God. Have no root of bitterness, that would defile many. You cannot separate holiness from others and the relationships and that is a part of it and holiness comes by obedience to the word of the Lord.

A brings you joy. Without the joy of the Lord, then you need to say,am I doing what he says? Do I walk in holiness? And there is a little even more. Let me go back to first John. Okay. This is the book on love. I will spend a lot of time here. Take it in. First John, 3;4 everyone who commit sin, you break the law.

Sin is lawlessness. We need to walk in holiness, we do as he did, we obey. Jesus says I only do what the father tells me to do. We must be obedient to the father. You know, that he has appeared, that he would take away our sins. Not one who is in him, continues to commit sin.

No one has seen him or known him, their children do not let someone lead you astray. If you do righteousness, you would be righteous as he is righteous. Do not do of the devil, but because the devil commit sin from the beginning.

Jesus has appeared to destroy the works of the devil. No one keeps Committing sin because we have the seed of the Lord inside of us, we are born of God.

This is how we know that shall never the Lord out of that shall never the devil. Anyone who does not do what is right, is not a child of God. If you do not love your brother, you do not know God. We just said that in the book of John. He says if you love me, obey my commandments.

You love your brother as your self. You love God with everything in your heart and soul, and you love your brother as yourself. These are the greatest things.

You shall walk as he walked, in holiness, you will know him, he will know you. His joy shall be complete and you and people that are full of hate, they have no joy. Zero joy. If we are walking around with hate, we are full of bitterness.

This is the church, we must walk like Jesus, we must love one another. We must have love in the church. We do as Christ did. Not stay with me. Sometimes you commit sin, and John says it, I read that earlier. Take it to the cross. Get it under the blood.

John 15, I am sorry, I mean John 3:11. This is the message from the beginning, we need to love one another, do not be like Cain, he murdered his brother, but because he was evil, his brother was righteous.

Do not be surprised when they hate you, we have passed from death to life because we love the brethren. If we hate we are in death, if you hate your brother, you are a murderer. You are a murderer, and that no murderer will have eternal life. They look at Cain and Abel, one was a murderer. But what does it say in Hebrews?

Think about it. This is the faith chapter. Look at what it says. Lord help me. Hebrews 11:4. By faith Abel offered God a better sacrifice than Cain, and he was commended as a righteous man, God spoke well of him. He still speaks today even though he is dead. One walks by faith, one does the right thing, and the other one hates the brother, he is a murderer.

What happened in Texas? We had those who obeyed God, they did the righteous thing. They were together, they wanted to hear the word, and worship. But one of their own, he hated them and he murdered all of them in Christ.

This is a perfect example. But Abel was righteous, and he had blood in the ground, he is the first person and the Bible, that we equate faith with.

And even now he still cries out. When you are obedient to God, you will do right, the matter the cost. Even if you died. Even if it is uncomfortable. The world hates the Christians, and God says we shall be persecuted. Nothing has changed.

I do not know how Cain killed Abel. Maybe he hit him with something. He murder him. Maybe hit him of the rock. But the problem is not the weapons, but the problem is the sin in our hearts. I am not plugging guns, please. Do not think I am that small.

I am trying to say, the problem is the heart of man. It is sin, people. It is the lack of love. People misunderstand it. Let me go to 11:32 and to think about this,and think about this.

What shall we say? We cannot talk about all of the great men of faith like David, and through faith they conquered and they administer justice, they stop the mountains of the lions, they escaped the sword. They were strong.

They became powerful in battle, and they routed foreign armies. Women receive their children raised to life again. Others were tortured, and they had a better resurrection.

And others, they were put into prison. They were stoned, they were cut in two, and they wandered around, they were destitute, they were mistreated. The world was not worthy of them. They wandered in the caves, and even in the holes in the ground. They were commended for faith.

I know what you are thinking, you know, it is one of those sign me up sermons. Oh, yes, all right sign me up. I like that part where they cut you into pieces. You know this is how we trust God no matter what. We do not walk by sight. We walk in his ways.

I had a problem with this passage, and sometimes, it is just blind faith and there was a missionary, and he was sent to the cannibals in Africa. They would eat one another. So many missionaries went in, and they were all dying of malaria and they were being killed. The man went in. God broke through. They stop their cannibalism.

It took 25 years. He finally broke through. They were killing one another and he was in the middle of it, and then the king says, and what makes the difference he said? But he said you keep coming. You died for us. You wanted to bring the message to us.

We could not get past the dying part at we cannot get past the fact that you love God so much and you obeyed him even to the point of death because you said you loved us, and he wanted us to have a message of redemption. You cannot get past it. Maybe you think this would be some kind of God. We eat people like you. We hate you.

But the love broke through. Faith is not having a Mercedes-Benz. It is not like having a Rolex, and all of the other garbage, and why would you want what you have?

You can have those things and you serve the devil, they will pass away. But God says I will give you these things but, seek me first.

These were commended for faith, but they did not have the promise. God had something better, that with together,and with us we would be made perfect. God has a better plan, than just this side. Faith is trusting God. You die to yourself, even to death, that others would know him.

They were to be reconciled unto him.

Excuse me.

I get slightly excited about it. I am tired of the preachers and they talk about land and houses, and planes, and they call that faith. That is materialism. That is the worship of materialism, that was like Baalim. Balak he did the same thing. It horrifies me.

This is not what we are about. This does not impress anyone. Dying for people, impresses others. Listening to God to the point of death, that they might be saved. I guarantee you, I will bet you, they will have just as many people in the church, and maybe more.

Because we shall not be moved. The enemy hates us. I would like to be there on that Sunday, I would like to see it. Let me finish it up. I become excited. I am not here to judge you, as the world judges.

I am not here to judge Jesus is the judge. About the world brings condemnation. God wants to bring you judgment but for what purpose? So he can push you onward to righteousness, to be saved.

This is not about right and wrong. This is about receiving Christ, realizing you are a sinner. You will not be condemned by Christ, but you would be set free. Help us Jesus. Where was I? I lost my place. I have lost my place. I am getting to the good part.


this is how we know that we have the love of Christ, Jesus laid down his life for us, and we lay down our lives for others. If anyone, if anyone has possessions, and they have no pity, how does that person have the love of God? And do not just love in word but in action and truth. We love with word and with the truth.

We put our hearts at rest with the blessing of the Lord, if we are condemned we know that God is greater and he knows everything. Dear friends. If our hearts are not condemned, and then we have confidence before God, and we shall receive whatever we ask, because we obey him. Faith is obeying.

We obey his commandments, we do what pleases him. We believe in the name of the son Jesus Christ, to love one another as he has commanded. We live in him, and he is in us. This is how we know it, it is by the spirit. People want something from God, but they do not get it, better because they want to spend it on the lust of the flesh. They do not obey him.

They do not die to themselves. The world says the more I have, the more I gain. But Jesus says the more you give, the more you gain. You do not spend these things on your self and Jesus is the opposite you give what you have so you can gain.

And they say the preachers asking for money. He comes out on top. Well you can trust me. I do not come out on top. We had a record month last month, for the year, and for the month of October. I get no bonus.

They do not even give me a pat on the back. I thank God, and they cannot say these widows are giving, to make Jeff rich, I do not want them to say it made me rich I am not flying around the world on a jet, I am sorry if I am offending the preachers, get over it. You need to the right thing.

Psalms–chapter 37. Do not fret because of evil men or those that would do wrong, they shall whether away like the grass. Trust in the Lord and do good delight yourself in the Lord, he will give you your hearts desires. Commit your way to him, he will do it for you.

If you trusted Lord, you obey him; he will give you your hearts desire. He will give you the desire to begin with. Do you know what I mean?. I hope so, as we walk by faith, God provides.

God gives. But like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, they said, we do not care if we are delivered or not we shall not about down to you– Nebuchadnezzar. We would do what God says.

Do you want to grow in Christ? Be willing to go into the flames and then you can see the fourth man in the fire. If you want to be close to God, give yourself to him. Walk by faith.

It may or may not, you could be like those that are shot. Just like abel, and like the missionaries they gave their lives, their blood cries out. The lost are worth dying for.

I like to preach a long time but I did it for a purpose. Let us pray for the state of Texas. Let us pray. I pray God could move. God says he can take the bad for the good. God says we shall be persecuted. This is what God says. God has a better plan.

When it is all said and done we will win, and we shall be with those, that have gone on in glory. Forever and forever. Father we pray for that little church in Texas. You know, that would be a part of our body. You know, like a finger has been smashed, and we are holding it close. We want to protect it.

We pray for them, and I pray you could bring the comforter to stand with them as much over them, please keep them. I pray that they would be strong in their weakest moments.

I pray from this horrible time, he would bring many to Christ. They would see there is a price to be paid. There is a cost. Have your way. Have your way and your will should be done. Let see your glory.

I am so glad that we still have people, and the people of faith, they are willing to get up, at a go to church and hear the word, to be a part of the family. We thank you for it. I pray that they would be stronger than ever. Amen and amen.

Oh, God is so good. God is so good. God Is Love