God Disciplines His Children

consequences to sin
Consequences to Sin.

Listen to: God Disciplines His Children.”

November 10, 2017

Jeff: Praise the Lord. I am glad to be here tonight. God has a powerful message for you tonight. All I can say is wake up the church. We are “there.” We have got to say wake up to the church.

There is just one of prophecy that needs to be  fulfilled, we are in the midst of the end times.  all we need now is the  great in gathering, and there shall be a great end time revival that will take place. Let me get into prayer. Let me see what of the Lord has to say.

I am pastor Jeff Lane and this program is live on the air. This program is live on the air. We shall pray for you when you call in.

We thank you for the word; open the hearts of the people. Please show them, give them understanding and peace. You are in control, of our lives. The enemy is in control of the world, but you control our lives.

We praise you for the word. We give you the glory. Amen.

We shall go to Hebrews 12, this is where we stopped, I was preaching here last night. If I could read verse four. And in your struggle against sin, you have not shared blood. You have forgotten the word of encouragement that he calls you sons, don’t make light of the discipline of the Lord, don’t be discouraged, he punishes everyone he receives as a son.

Take your hardship, as a son. The father disciplines the sons, but if you don’t have discipline then you would be illegitimate. We have had fathers that disciplined us and we gave them respect, and we should submit to the father and live. In our father disciplines us, but God does it for our good that we will share his holiness.

It is not pleasant, but painful. But it brings the harvest of righteousness for those who are exercised by it, and so be strengthened, and don’t be disabled, but rather be healed and without holiness no man shall see the Lord.

What is the purpose of this? It is for holiness. It is for us to see him. We need to see the God, who sees us. God shows me things that are so great, I can hardly contain it. God is going to discipline us, to show us who he is and we shall be holy like he is holy.

Verse 22. Listen carefully. You have come to the heavenly Jerusalem, you have come to the thousands of angels, to the church of the firstborn, your names are written in heaven. The righteous are made perfect, Jesus is the mediator of the new covenant. He has the greater blood, more than abel. And don’t refuse the one that speaks. If they did not escape, and how much more shall we suffer if we turn away?

He shook the earth, and now he has promised and months more, I will not just shake the earth but the heavens. And this is will be shaken, and everything that cannot be shaken shall remain.

There is a kingdom that cannot be shaken. We should be in worship with God and reverence. Our God is a consuming fire. People say this negatively, God is not about punishment, it is about refining, my friends. God wants to refine you like shadrach, meshach and abednego, they could not burn up, everything had already been burned up, yet they gained everything. They lost their families, And they lost their positions, in the city, and in the country, and in the temple.

And yet they found Christ, they found the fourth man, and when they were in the fire, people. They could not burn. You cannot burn what was already burned up. There was nothing left to burn. You can refine silver seven times, but after that, you cannot do it anymore. There was nothing left, they were perfect in suffering.

Christ was made perfect by his suffering, we shall go through what Christ went through. The hard times are ahead. The Bible would be very clear. If somebody says anything different, they want your money, or they want to sell you something. It is coming. God shall refine you that when the fire begins, when it begins, There shall be nothing left to shake. There shall be nothing left to shake.

Zachariah 13. This is incredible. Get it. I pray you have understanding. Not everybody will get it. That is okay, but in time you will. There shall be a fountain opened in King David’s house, they shall be cleansed from their sins, I shall banish their idols, and they shall be not remembered anymore. I shall remove the false prophets from the land, if anyone prophesies, to the one that they are born, they will die because they live. When they prophesy, their parents shall establish them. They shall be ashamed of them.

You cannot have their garments of the prophet. You will not be able to deceive. You shall not wear camels hair,you will say I am not a prophet of God, but I am a false prophet, and if someone says these are the wounds I received in the house of my friends. All, all wake these people, says the Lord Almighty. I will strike the shepherd, and the sheep shall be scattered.

It shall be a land, they shall be struck down by the two thirds, and one third will be left. I will bring them through the fire to test them, I shall call them through the fire, and I shall call them my people. And God says we shall be refined, but then he says I will strike the shepherd. This is the Bible verse, this is from Matthew 26:31, that describes Jesus.

Jesus talks about what is happening, he shall be struck down, the sheep shall be scattered. Then he says you shall be refined, I will put you through the flyer. He disciplines the ones he loves. He makes them better. Okay? Some people want to punish, but God does it, so that we would be righteous. Stay with me.

Daniel 11:35. 11:35, okay? Some of the wise, these are the end times. I want to read this. And they might stumble, and they shall be made spotless until the time of the end, it shall be at the appointed time. And the Lord says the wise and the ones that are called, they shall fall in the times of refinement. But he says I shall do it, I shall refined them, I will make them worthy of the service. People? He will show his nature.

He says they are not ready. God told me tonight, when you go through the fire, you can know that he is God. He wants to purify you,and to take you to a deeper place. You want to be deeper, he says I will take you deeper. Be careful what you pray for, because you will have the fire.

You shall question, my God, why have you forsaken me? I have gone so low, how can I get back? How have I gone so low? You thought you were one thing in your pride, you thought you had something, but God says no, not yet. I must get you out of the way.

This would be the book of Daniel 12:9 go your way and the words are closed and they are sealed up until the time of the end. Many shall be made spotless, but the Lord shall continue, I’m sorry, but the wicked shall be wicked still, they will not understand. And the wise will understand.

God will bring understanding of why they go through what they go through. They shall mock you. They will say who is your God? How can help you now? They are dead already. It is dead. But God still raises the dead. Even though we die, we shall yet live.

No matter how we when. And the Bible says they shall fall, one third will stand. And this is not Israel, this is the church. When you read it, this is the church and not just Israel, it is the church. We shall be one. And you don’t know what I mean? You will find out.

The book of Haggai, 2:20. The word of the Lord came unto me, in the 24th day, tells Zarubabel, the governor of Judah. I will shake the heavens out of the earth, I shall overthrow the thrones, and I shall regular kingdoms, and the chariots, and the riders shall fall by the sword. And the Lord says, I will take my servant, I will take you, listen to me, I will make you like a signet ring, says the Lord Almighty. God shall open doors for you.

People shall kiss your ring, you will have the authority. It would be his authority. When Joseph rose to power in Egypt, he was given the signet ring of the King. And everything was like the King was speaking, when Joseph spoke. It was amazing that he could be trusted so deeply.

But we shall be like the signet ring. And you will say who is Zarubabel? He was the governor, and the father of the church. They had been banished to Babylon. There was no temple. They built a temple. In Matthew 1:13, also Luke, you will see the lineage of Mary, and Joseph. And these lines are connected at Zarubabel. But why would that be important?

Because Mary was heir to the throne, and so was Joseph. Mary first. Joseph second. It gave Jesus the right to the throne, in a double way, to be the King of Israel. He became a shepherd. But here it is connected. He becomes the King.

But God says he shall bring Israel and the church together, we shall be one in the spirit. You might say I’m too deep for you. I hear you. You need to know the Bible. There are mysteries, they are so beautiful, it is beyond words.

Let’s go to Zachariah 4:8, this is the word of the Lord, it is not by might, but it is by my spirit. This was the day of Pentecost, when God pours out his spirit to refine us, to refine the church. To take the people, and refine us. John says I will baptize you with water, but Jesus shall baptize you with fire and the Holy Ghost.

And can you have the fire but not be burned? And God wants to burn the way to the garbage, and the sin in your life. That is the purpose of the spirit. It is not by power or by might. The armies will fall and everything shall come down and God shall do this through Zarubabel. Let me continue.

And the Lord says what are these mountains? You showed me the level ground, and then you shall bring out the great stone, Jesus is the great stone. And they will say Zarubabel has laid the foundation of the temple, then you will know that God has sent me. Don’t despise the small beginnings. Men shall rejoice when they see the plumb line in the hand of Zarubabel. This is the Lord. These are the eyes of the Lord.

These are the seven eyes of the Lord, it is the seven, it is the church. Go to the book of Revelation, that is the church. I want to backup. And I want to show you and we shall go back, in case you did not find it in the book of Haggai. I hope I can find it. I need to backup. God wants you to see this. This would be 2.

Let me go back to chapter 2:6, God says, I ran this from the New Testament, I will shake the heavens and the earth, I will shake the seas and the lands, and the desire of the nations will come, and I shall fill this house with glory. It is the temple. They saw the temple. And they said Whoo, this does not look like the former temple.

They said this is not like Solomon’s Temple, and some were crying. But God says don’t despise the small beginnings. Stay with me. This is for you. I shall fill this house with glory says God Almighty. The silver and the gold is mine, says the Lord.

Do not worry about wealth, it belongs to God. Stay with me, 9. The greater presence, of the Lord shall be in the later house, rather than the former house. The glory of the church, the glory of the church shall be greater, than the new covenant. Anything that we have seen before.

And we have seen the plagues of Egypt, and we see the waters parting. We see the flyer consuming the earth, and we see God bringing the water out of the rock. But goddesses that does not compare to what I will do. It shall be so great. This is the temple, and that is you. It is you.

God wants to give you the Holy Ghost, to burnout the dross, and God wants to do this inside of you, so that you my friends and you the church, and not by might nor by power, my goodness. He will shake you.

He shall shake of the church, he shall refine us, we might fall but we shall be brought back greater than the past. I will do greater things than ever before. Don’t think that God is punishing you. He is not destroying you. He is refining you. There shall be a great persecution.

But there shall be a greater outpouring of the Spirit, and God says, you will no longer be able to be shaken, they cannot touch you, and if they do. They will be touching the apple of God’s eye, and he shall take care of it and you will say my God. And maybe you don’t know if you want to sign up, that is okay. You do not have to. I would rather be like the apostle Paul, in the Mediterranean, floating around on the driftwood, in his hands. I would not want everything the world has to offer.

All over the world is going to fall, it shall be destroyed. God will make you his signet ring. He shall give you authority in the Holy Ghost. And before God does this, he shall refine you. Just like he did Joseph, and he took Joseph, out of Joseph until he was pure and holy. All of a sudden, he was elevated, and then he went from the present of the palace. But that was by might, but now this shall be by the spirit.

We shall be purified, God will give you the signet ring of the authority of the priesthood. When Zarubabel came together, you remember David? He put on the garments of the priesthood, and he was for the priest. And God says I shall raise up a man that is the governor, and the priest again. And God did this in Christ. And he’s doing the same thing.

The sheep had been scattered, we shall bring everybody back together and we shall stand with him, and that church and Israel, will have the greater glory in his house. And you will to say how can it be? You don’t know what I have done, you have no idea, I have been evil.

God says I will take it out of you, I will purify you because God is God, it is because he says so. He wants to show his glory, he wants you to be the holy of holies, in the Temple. And through you he shall show his nature to mankind. It is through you he shall show his nature to mankind. But first you go through the flyer.

Some of you are in the fire, you must go through the fire. God is only just beginning. Maybe you are doing great things, and then he fell into sin. God is speaking to you. God says I shall burn it out, I shall raise you up. They shall declare to you, that I love you. Do you hear me? Pastor do you hear me? The former pastors?

He shall bring you, they will all say, God loves you. I thank you for your word tonight, I pray this has touched hearts and they have the understanding. I pray they can understand. Some might never understand, they are hardened. But I pray that we could put on the linen ephod and I pray, that we would be like King David, and his own daughter, says you are making a fool of yourself before the peasants. She could not bear children after that.

But tonight I pray that we could humble ourselves to put on the Holy Ghost, and we would put on the royal robes of humility, that we could inquire of you, and we could understand. Please wake up the church. Let us inquire of you again. Let us overcome, I pray, in Jesus name.

To you be the glory and the honor, in the name of Jesus I pray. If you have left the Lord. And I’m talking about you, maybe you are not saved, or maybe you are lukewarm, you are just spittle, and God is going to spit you out. You need to repent. You need to turn from your wicked ways. But you say you are not that wicked, well you have a problem, you are in denial.

If you are not for him, you are against him. You are not with him, for the longest time. Say Jesus, please forgive me. Oh, forgive me, come into my heart. Cleanse me at wash me in the temple, cleanse the temple, purge me with your blood. Put me through the fire. Let me see your glory in the earth. I would come before you with humility and I come before you tonight, and I said Lord have your way. Oh, hallelujah. We thank you for it. Amen and amen.

All right. I know. My wife tells me I’m going too deep. I’m not going too deep. You’ve just begun.