Do What God Says

kneeling at the cross.
Trust Him.

Listen To: “Do What God Says.”

November 11, 2017

I have no words to say, God is so good, I had a sermon for you tonight, all prepared. God put his hand on my shoulder and he said, no, not that message  tonight, I have something else. Maybe I can give that in the future. But God gave me the word. I think it is intense.

I believe that it is important; we need to listen to the word from God. Let me pray. Let me see what God has to say. I have some intense praise reports, from the weekend and God is good.

We thank you in every situation; we thank you no matter what. Your love endures forever and you will never leave us, no matter what happens. You are there. Have your way tonight. Be with us.

We would pray in Jesus name, that you would touch this world, shake us, wake us up, the time is short, way because up, the time is short. Wake us up.

We will go to Deuteronomy 1. I do not want to read it all, I have to paraphrase some of it. We can get through it. It would be chapter 1:22 of Deuteronomy. You said to me, we able to send the men to spy out the land, and bring back the report this idea seems good to me, so I said, this would be a good thing to do, to bring one man from every tribe, and they went out to explore the land.

They took some of the fruit from the land, and they said this is a good land. But you are unwilling to go up, and you are rebelling against the Lord. You say the Lord hates us he will deliver us into the hands of the Amorites to destroy The people. We have lost heart. That people are stronger, the cities are large, with walls to the sky. We look like grasshoppers.

We have seen our enemies, they said, have seen the Amalekites and these are our enemies, they will destroy us. They doubted the Lord. They should have said, we have seen the Lord God has taken us, and God will carry us until we reach the place. But you are not trusting the Lord your God.

You have had of the fire by night, you have had a cloud by day, the Lord wants to show you the way that you should go, but you are in rebellion. The Lord is angry, and the Lord said these people shall never see this good land, however Caleb he will see it, for him, and his descendants. He will be able to see it. Because he followed God wholeheartedly.

And not of the Lord is angry with you, and you shall not enter in, but Joshua will also go in, he believed Israel could inherit the land. God had taken these people two years into the desert. They had beaten the enemies of Israel, God had defeated the Egyptians then God tells them what the land is like, however they lost heart.

They did not trust God. They rebelled. They did not do what God said. As a result God says this is what you could have had, you could’ve had a land with milk and honey. You could have had it, I would have defeated your enemies, but this is what you shall have. He sent them back into the wilderness for another forty years, until everyone died. There was Joshua and Caleb and they survived, it was because they trusted the Lord. They became the leaders and they were.

When God tells you to do something, when you go to a new place, it is not comfortable. There are giants and chariots, things are not comfortable. It can be enormous, it can be Enormous in comparison, to your problems, compared to what we face.

They did not come into the inheritance of God wanted them to go to. Go to first Samuel thirteen, look at verse five. The Philistines came to fight Israel, they had 6000 chariots and soldiers, they were as numerous as the sand. Adam and the men of Israel sought about the situation was critical, and their army was pressed, they hid.

Some of them went over into the Jordan; they went to the desert places. Saul and his troops were quaking with fear. Samuel did not come to help Saul, so they began to scatter, then Saul offered up a false offering, Samuel went up to greet him, then he says, what did you do?

And when I saw that the people were scattered, and you would not help me, I thought, these people shall kill me, I don’t have the favor of the Lord. So I thought I would give the burnt offering. Samuel said, you have acted foolishly. You are not keeping the commandments of the Lord. If he saw your obedience you would be the king, but now God will take you down, I bring up another man, because you will not keep the commandment of the Lord.

The Philistines, again, it is overwhelming to the Israelites. They begin to hide because they are petrified; they crossed the river to try to get away. They were not willing to fight or trust the Lord. Saul was not willing, he was not willing to obey the Lord he said I was compelled, but he acted foolishly. He took things into his own hands.

God said wait for me. Too many people to do it themselves. Remember Abraham, he had Ishmael, he took things into his own hands, and today we suffer for it. You must obey God. You must obey him. If you want what God wants you to have. Saul could’ve been to the king, and he would have been to the King forever over Israel.

However he had of the destruction of the land, they felt by the sword, they died. He did not obey the word of the Lord. Let me go to second Kings chapter 13:14. Elisha was suffering from an illness, and then he died. The king of Israel went down to see him, and cried over him. He cried, the horseman of Israel, my father, my father. He realizes this about Elisha, he realizes that the power of the kingdom was in the word of the man of God, and this is where the power was in the kingdom.

He called him of the horseman of Israel, he was meaning, if we obey God, we can stand. He understood that. That may continue. Elijah says not get me some bows and arrows, take them in your hand, at event Elisha put his hands upon the king, and he opened the window, and then he says now you shoot the arrows out of the window, Then Elijah said give it your all you shall destroy these people.

And then he says take these arrows, and hit the ground. He hit the ground but the man stopped after three strikes. But then Elijah said, you should’ve done this twice as many times, but you would have completely destroyed your enemies, but now you shall defeat them only three times. Then Elijah died. Elijah died, they were taking the man, and then they sought a band of raiders, and they threw the man into the tomb of Elijah, and then the man came to life, and he stood up.

And then these enemies Oppressed Israel. Let me stop here. They all pressed Israel . They all, they defeated Israel. He told the man to hit the ground, hit the ground three times, but he did it halfheartedly. Instead of doing what God had told him to do, he had no flyer or zeal he says, you could’ve had a victory, but now you will have mostly defeat.

You shall serve your enemies. People, lack of enthusiasm, will keep you from coming into the victory of God. You must listen to the word of the Lord. He was not willing to listen to the word of the Lord. He knew what it said. God did this as a reminder, And when they threw the dead man in the cave, he got up, he was raised from the dead. God did this as a reminder, it raised a dead man, when the dead man touched Elijah. That he must speak to you.

Trust the Lord. Obey the Lord. You must have zeal. Let me continue. Revelation 3:14. Wait a minute I’ve gone too far. On did not go far enough. 3:14. Revelation.

To the church at Laodicea, I am the ruler, I know your deeds, you are not cold or hot, but because you are lukewarm, I will spit you out of my mouth. You say I am rich, I need nothing. You don’t know that you are poor, blind, you are naked. Ask of me the fire, so you may cover your nakedness have the eye salve, so you may see. If I love you, I will discipline you. Repent. I knock at the door, if you open, I will come into you. If you overcome, you will sit on my throne, like I overcame, and have sat down with my father. Listen to what the Spirit is saying.

God speaks to Laodicea, we are in the time of Laodicea. I want to say this. They were not hot or cold. They were unwilling to come to the Lord to be obedient. They would not listen to God. Because they were lukewarm, God says if you don’t do something, I will spit you out of my mouth.

And it was a tree that did not bear fruit, God. God cut it down. They could sit with God if they had done it properly, however they were not obedient, and they were going to be spit out.

And some of these people did have it, they could have had it. But remember the road is narrow. Only Joshua and Caleb made it in. The road is narrow. Do you trust the Lord? Will you obey him? Will you obey him? Will you be enthusiastic? Will you go through the fire.

Today I was thinking about, the Hebrew boys, they went into the fire, to see the fourth man. To talk with him, to find out the mysteries then the king says, come out here boys, I want to know what you have heard. He could not go in, God is a consuming fire. He could not go in, and he could not go into the fire. There was nothing left to burn, because the zeal of God consumed them. They lost everything.

And as a result, they saw Jesus in the fire. Imagine it. Imagine the disappointment, to stand outside of the furnace, and want to hear the mysteries, to hear the words of God. But you cannot hear it; you see it from a distance. Like the people that saw Elijah in the wilderness, they did not know the moment. They did not have the mantle.

They did not have the fire, they were lukewarm. They did not trust God. They could not come to the place of obedience. I say it so many times, how bad do you want it? How bad do you want God? Do you want it bad enough? It might cost you everything. Will you give it up? Will you follow gone to the ends of the earth?

Do you want it? Will you obey him? Will you have a flyer for his word? Will you have a fire no matter what? There was a king, to make war against his enemies, and he gave one servant ten talents and then he gave, another servant five, and then he gave another servant one talent. It was five, 2, 1.

And one servant made it into ten, and he was faithful, and then he took charge of ten cities, and the one that had the one talent, he hid his talent the Lord said no you take it away from him, and this man is evil, and what he has will be taken away. Could it be that we are missing the moment?

We are living in the greatest time where we have ever lived. We are living in the most magnificent time. But you say how does this compare were the times of Jesus? Jesus is coming back, with glory. With everything. But will he find faith? Will he find those who serve him with zeal?

It is one thing, the enemy comes in and you lose everything, but it is even harder to be on fire for God, like the church at Laodicea, they became lukewarm. You have what you need you have the ability to get what you want, but you are so busy with the cares of life could it be, we shall be just so busy right up until the time the Lord comes back, and we shall miss it.

Listen closely. I’m very uncomfortable about this message. I preach this one other time. I won’t forget it. So many people have reminded me of it, many years ago. That church fell apart. It was the glory of God at one time, but it barely hangs on now. My friends. How much zeal do you have for God? How much do you want God?

His glory is so great. He says you can have it, but will you trust him? Will you obey him? Do you have the zeal of God? Are you lukewarm? Think about that. Praying about that. Seek the Lord. If you truly want the secret things of God.

If you want the things of God, it is a passion, it is every breath. It is the air you breathe. It’s your bread, you want nothing else. You want Jesus. As one lady Wrote to me, she said of the more time I am with Jesus, more I want to be with him. She wrote to me. Oh, that is so true.

I thank you for the word, open their eyes and hearts, let them see, letting them act. I pray, let them act. I pray they would wake up, I do not want to be a generation that will miss the moment. I do not want to miss that a moment where we will miss your promises. In the name of Jesus, amen