Cut The Ties.

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November 29, 2017

Jeff: Praise the Lord and I’m glad to be with you tonight. I am pastor Jeff Lane. This program is live on the air. You will be able to call the telephone numbers on the screen, soon. You may ask for prayer.

First, we want to pray and get into the word. We will go from there. We thank you for the word. Thank you for the table you have set before us. We will wait upon you. We just give you the glory, thank you for what you are doing.

Thank you for the people you have saved, for the marriages you have saved. You have done great things. I pray we could bring more people to you. Amen.

We will go to the book of Genesis 19, and verse 15. I don’t name of my sermons, I do not. People become fixated on something button they will miss something. But this one I am calling this one ties. This would be like being tethered to something.

This is Genesis 19:15. Let me give you the information. This is the end of Sodom and Gomorrah. They had fallen into immorality, homosexuality. Promiscuity beyond words. The Lord had enough. He sent the angels, and then I think he did visit, and he wipes them out. Because of Abraham, and his love for Abraham he spares Abraham and his family.

With the common of the Dawn, the angel said to Lot, take your family away or you will be swept away when the city is punished. He hesitated. The angels took them out of the city. The Lord is merciful to them. Then they said, run away and do not look back, don’t stop. Long to the mountains. Or you shall be swept away.

Then Lot said, we have found favor, and you have shown me kindness, however I cannot run away, the disaster will overtake me and I will die. I will run to the next town. It is very small. Then I will be spared.

Then he says all right very well, I will not overthrow the town where you are, not blown away, I cannot do anything until you get out of here. When Lot got to safety the Lord brought down fire and sulfur out of the heavens, and everything that was in the cities, and even everything was destroyed. Lot’s wife looked back and she became a pillar of salt.

Imagine this. Basically God goes into getting them. He saves their lives and these men, the men the city wanted to have sex with the man. So they wanted to give up their own daughters. But anyway, God strikes these homosexual men with blindness. They began to grope around.

Then they say we’ve got to get out of here right now. But Lot hesitated. He was tied to the city. When he went, he would lose everything. They were on their way. Lot’s wife, you know you’ve heard the story, you can take the boy out of the country, but you cannot take the country out of the boy.

Sometimes that goes for the city. You can the city, but you know, you could not take the city out of the girl. She did not believe, she did not trust. When she turned, she became a pillar of salt. Today they say the ground taste like salt.

Regardless she had ties, and because of the ties she missed her salvation. She missed out on what God had for her. She missed it. She did not come into the fullness of what God had for her.

Matthew 18:8. Okay? 18:8. Matthew. I think I’ve got it right. I am sorry, Matthew 8:18. I am sorry. When Jesus saw the crowd, he said he would go to the other side of the lake. Then the teacher went to Jesus and said I will follow you, but the Lord said, I have no place to lay my head. Then the disciples said let me go bury my father.

Jesus said let the dead bury the dead. This is powerful. Then Jesus says I have no place to lay my head, and you are used to a city, but I’m sleeping out in the open, I have no place to stay. I have no Holiday Rambler going down the road. I don’t have the bus, we don’t have a jet. We sleep on the ground.

Our clothing is our covering. The man could not follow Jesus, because he was tied to something else. Listen to what he says, Jesus says let the dead bury the dead. In other words those that are dead, they will bury themselves. But follow me, and understand you will have life. The man cannot follow Jesus.

He never has the blessing, because he was tied, he was not willing to give up everything. You must be willing to give up everything when you come to Jesus. What are you tied to? You are not tied to things but maybe your own selfish ways. You want things for your self.

You do not want to give it up. What keeps you from coming to God’s fullness? Let me continue. Matthew 19. We will go to verse 16. I think we are. All right. A man came to Jesus and he said teacher what shall I do to have eternal life?

Then Jesus says, there is just one that is good, and if you want to have life obey the commandments, obey the commandments. The man said which one? Jesus listed all the commandments, honor your father and mother, and love your neighbor as your self. The young man said I have done these things.

Then Jesus says if you want to be perfect sell everything that give it to the poor, then you shall have treasure in heaven and follow me. Then the young man went away very sad because he was quite rich. Then Jesus said it is harder for the rich to get into heaven, it is easier to for the camels to go through the eye of a needle than to get into the kingdom of God.

Then they said who could be saved? Here we have a rich man. He lives a godly life. But now, Jesus says sell it all out to me. Give it all up. If you really want the treasures in heaven. If you what the kingdom of God and the things of God. If you want me more than anything. It’s more than just being moral.

It’s more than being good. Give it all away. Then he went away sad. It reminds me of the people gave the offerings, before people have a hard time letting go. Then there was a very for woman puts into small coins like a penny. Jesus said she gave everything that she had.

These other people, they did not know if they could give it all away, but yet for this woman she gave everything away. When they would drop in the money, the rich people, would hear the coins hearing the sound going into the coffers. Where was I? I’ve lost my place.

We have left everything to follow you, and what shall we have? Jesus said when I am on my throne, you will sit on the 12 thrones, judging Israel. Everyone that is left all for my sake will receive 100 times as much, and have eternal life. With the of the first will be last. Listen to me, the Lord says when you give him everything, no matter what, he will give it back to you.

Many times over. Those people, we think they are first because they are rich. But they are going to be last. They have already had their reward. You know, it’s another story for the poor people. These are the ones, these are the ones that will be first in the kingdom.

They put God first. God will put them first. What are you tied to? Ask the Lord, he will tell you and maybe you are confused about what you are tied to, you can ask him and he will show you. He will tell you. Let me go to the book of Luke 12:13. Then they said teacher, told my brother to give me my inheritance. Then Jesus said, I am not your arbiter. Then Jesus said to be watch out for greed, your life does not consist in the abundance of the things you have possessed.

I have been judged by many people because of this. They will say I’m not rich. I don’t have fancy cars, and palace to live in, and fancy automobiles. I’ve got a nice car, it’s not new but it is nice. I don’t really care. My wife told me, and I had a Kia soul, and my family were saying, well you know, it doesn’t care. I don’t care. I will not impress anybody.

He told them, I wish you could’ve heard it all. He told them a parable. That was a rich man that had good crops, and then he thought what shall I do? I have no place to put my crops. This is what I will do, I will tear down the barns and build bigger ones, and then I will store up everything.

Then I will say we have plenty of goods it’s laid up for many years. But God told him he was a fool, because his life would be required of him. Then he would not have anything left. This is how it is for those who are not rich to God. WOW.

That hits it on the head. Let me go back to the Old Testament. First Kings. Everybody wants to talk about Abraham’s riches. Let’s talk about this rich man. First Kings 19, verse 19. Elijah went from a there, and he found Elisha, and he was driving the oxen, is Elijah, through his cloak around Elisha, and then Elisha ran after Elijah. He said let me go kiss my family goodbye. Then Elijah burned everything, and he gave everything to the people and they ate of the meat of the animals. Then he became the attendant of Elijah.

Elisha it was very wealthy, and they would purchase animals from him. They would purchase the yolks from him. But he Burns everything, he Burns it all. He gives the animal meat to the people. He’s burning his bridges.

He makes up his mind he will follow Elijah, he wants the things of God. There seems to be the gospel message today. I’m not saying that God will not bless you. But I’m saying this, if you run after God because of what you can have materially, you miss the point.

You are not in the right place. I see people running after God for what they can have but God says get rid of it and follow me. Think about that. Now let me go to second Kings, I have to go quickly. I’ll give you the highlights. Is Elijah will be going up to heaven, Elisha is following him. The men of God know about it, and they don’t tell him. They go to the towns of dedication, where they would like Jericho. Then the prophets of God say hey, Elijah will be taken away today. But the other men do not want to follow.

They have a chance for great blessing, but they do not follow. They get to the last city of dedication, I forgot which one it is. Maybe it was Hebron. They get to the last one. Maybe I can find it. All right I guess that was Jericho. Then there are the company of the prophets of God, and they follow Elijah. They stop. Then they see Elisha and Elijah, then Elisha says I want a double portion of whatever you have. This is what I want. Elijah says, you are asking me something difficult, but if you will see me when I am taken away, you can have it. When they were walking around talking. Then there was a chariot of fire that separated them.

Is Elijah went to heaven in a world when, he cried out my father, my father. Then Elisha saw him no more. He tore his own clothing. He picked up the cloak of Elijah, he stood on the banks of the river Jordan, and he took the cloak, he hit the water. Then he said where is the God of Elijah?

When he hit the water, it divided, he went over. Then the company of the prophets of God said, the spirit of the light job is on Elisha. They bowed down to him. / and then they say, there are 50 men, we shall go look for your master, and maybe he has been put down on the mountain. Elisha says, no, don’t go looking, Elisha knew where he was.

Elijah was looking at the Holy Ghost. Elisha was watching Elijah. He knew he was no more in heaven. But the other people they were looking at all of the drama. All of the things that were happening. They were looking at the horseman of Israel, the fiery chariots. They were watching it. They missed the point.

You must keep your eyes upon the mark of the high calling. Don’t get wrapped up in signs and wonders. So many people they want to speak in tongues. They need to get their eyes on the Holy Ghost, then you will have the evidence. Look at Jesus and then you will have the evidence.

Get your eyes off of the wonders, and these things, keep your eyes on your master. If you do not, you will be fooled, you will be deceived, you will fall. We must sell out everything. Everything.

The people that watch the evidence, my friends, they are the people that are not wrapped up in relationships, but you must be wrapped up in God. This is where you should always be. Keep your eyes on the Lord.

Elijah, he looked at Jezebel and then he ran away. As long as he would watch God, fire would fall. But when he saw the world he began to stumble. Keep your eyes on the Lord my friend. One last thing. There are some things I could read.

That me go to one last thing. First Corinthians. First Corinthians 7. If you want you could go to the last chapter of Luke, you can see where Jesus goes to heaven. It is the ascension. What did he do? Like is Elijah he left his mantle that fell to the ground, that is the Holy Ghost, the anointing. It is for the church.

Second Corinthians 7:29. The time is short and if you have eyes, you should live like you have no life, and if you purchase something, don’t keep it. Look to the world as if it is not. In this world, this world is passing away. Don’t become engrossed in the things of the world. Don’t worry about keeping up with the Joneses.

Don’t worry about being rich. Get your eyes off of these things. The Lord will take care of the rest. Keep your eyes upon the master. When you have unholy ties, when you are tied to the miracles, that would be you. You want to the glory, not for God.

When you are tied to your material possessions, that is all about you, not about him. Tonight we want to pray. We want to ask the Lord about our unholy ties. We want to keep our eyes on Jesus. Are you looking at your former life? Do you look at Egypt or Sodom and Gomorrah? All right I know some of you are. Do not tell a lie. Be straight and God will forgive you.

Ask him to help you, to not look at these unholy things. Don’t look at things for your glory. Look at the things of the Lord. Father tonight, I pray if we have any wickedness, please expose it to us. Take it out of our lives.

Show us so that nothing would be between us and you. Let us serve you, let us wait upon you. I pray that you will help the church and the body to help the people. I pray they could sever these unholy ties. That them see you.

The time is short, Amen. God bless you all.