The Serpent in the Wilderness.

Listen to: “The Serpent in the Wilderness.”

November 28, 2017

>Jeff: Praise the Lord, I pray you had a good weekend. I did. Becky and I, we had a wonderful weekend, actually. We shall go to the book of Genesis 3. I am in Genesis a lot.

I believe I have a special word tonight. This will be touching a lot of hearts. Let’s join together in prayer. Let’s just jump in. We thank you Lord we thank you for the word. I would pray and the name of Jesus, that you would touch the hearts of the people. Increasing their faith. Open their eyes.

It is a simple message tonight. We perish for the lack of the understanding of your word. Please give us understanding. We will give you the praise and all of the honor and the glory for what you have done, in the name of Jesus. Continue reading The Serpent in the Wilderness.