Satan Comes As an Angel of Light

Listen to: “Satan Comes As an Angel of Light.”

November 17, 2017

>>Jeff: Praise the Lord. I’m glad to be with you tonight. God is good. He is beyond measure. The longer I walk with the Lord, the more amazed I am. We see in part and we know in part, but then he will give us a little more knowledge, and he keeps putting the puzzle together. Maybe what we could not understand.

He brings it all together, and he reveals the mysteries. That is great. I am pastor Jeff Lane. This television program is live on the air right now. Your numbers will be up on the screen, you can call. The numbers will be up soon.

Let me go to Ezekiel chapter 28. Let’s see, let’s pray and then get into the word. I cannot hardly contain the mysteries that you reveal to me at what you show to me. Open the eyes of the people. Open the eyes of the church. I pray for a revealing to the church. Continue reading Satan Comes As an Angel of Light