Walk in the Anointing

Listen to: “Walk in the Anointing.”

November 16, 2017

Praise the Lord. I’m glad to be here tonight. God is good. Are you glad that God cares about your details, and God cares about your life? You know, God amazes me. As we get on the air, and we pray, I have people calling me, and they say that God is healing animals. He cares. I’m astounded.

God cares about the things so much. I have no problem taking anything to God. I love God, I appreciate him. I’ve got four kids and seven grandkids. I was always concerned about the little things. Maybe at that time, it seemed is so big as an adult, they are not that big. They would forget about it, but at that time, it hurt my kids, it bothered them.

It concerns me, because it concerns my children. God is the same. God is concerned about every aspect of your life. Every detail. Every moment. Now, I am pastor Jeff Lane. I am pastor Jeff Lane, I had something happen before the program. I’m laughing so hard. I’m having a hard time being composed. I am pastor Jeff Lane, and you could go to my blog and bear with me, and sometimes things happen, it was just too funny. Continue reading Walk in the Anointing