Wake up the Church.

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November 9, 2017

>>Jeff: Praise the Lord and I’m Glad to Be with You Tonight. This Has Been a Good Day. God Is Good. Goodness, I Have a Cup Warmer from Dan, it is for my tea, he found it for me, so I’m happy about that. I am pastor Jeff Lane. Our program is live on the air. You can call in at the telephone numbers you see on your screen. The numbers are now on your screen.

We have an unusual word tonight. I need you to fasten your seatbelt, you can relax. You will not be relaxed for long. Let me go to chapter 1, we shall go to verse three.

We thank you for the word that we are about to receive. Please have your way. Have it your way. Have your way. Lift up your church I pray, and wake them up. In the name of Jesus. Thank you Lord. Amen. People? I do not think people know the times we are living in. Continue reading Wake up the Church.