You Are a Part of the Body of Christ.

You belong To Him

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October 28, 2017

Becky: Hello, welcome to the prayer meeting, I am Becky.

Jeff: I am Jeff, and you will be able to call in on this live prayer program. The numbers are on that your screen. Do not panic they will be out there soon. I told Becky, I was going to wear green tonight and I do not think Becky got the memo.

Anyway, and we get here to the camera, and she says you are wearing green. I give up, and they say we do not listen. What can I say? She still looks good. I am in so much trouble. Let us pray before I get into more trouble. Would you like to pray? The Lord knows.

Father we thank you for this beautiful night, Lord. It is such a privilege to come before you to allow your Holy Spirit to work in us, and through us. I cannot believe we have this opportunity. Help us never to deny your spirit. Please do your work tonight. Do your will. We give you all of the praise and the honor. In Jesus precious name. Amen.

I am talking about the church; I am talking about the church. We will go to Revelation 3. I want to go across these seven churches, we have three churches to go. The importance of the church, if you are saved you are a part of the body of Christ. It says from Corinthians, We have different parts. But if you miss a part of your body, you cannot function properly.

I work with many physical therapist and they train people how to overcome a deficit. Maybe you lose a limb. Things do not work. But you are not quite, you can never quite be what you could have been if you had the complete body. Think about that. If you would be missing out of the body, can we function properly? I do not think so.

This is Revelation. God is speaking to the church. You are the church. We are a part of the church. Sometimes God speaks to us as individuals, sometimes he speaks to the whole. Inside the body, when the people come together. The spirit moves where it might not move individually. God speaks to the church.

We each have a responsibility in the body. If we do not fulfill our responsibility, the church would be handicapped. It would be like the watchmen that does not sound the cry, but he would be guilty. But if we do what we should do but you are not there, do not blame the church, that would be you.

Revelation 3. Said the angel of the church at Sardis, I hold the seven spirits of God, and the seven stars, I know your deeds, you are dead. Strengthen what remains, it is about to die. I have not found you complete in the sight of God. Remember that your received, remember what you have received and heard, repent. If you do not wake up.

I would be like a thief, you will not know when I shall come. Now let me speak about this. He speaks to the church, he says you are asleep. You are not aware. You are clueless. He says either you wake up, or I shall come back and you will miss it. You will not know what happened.

There is a big part of the church today, they are asleep. They do not know the times we are in. They think everything will be like it was, I do not know if they are in denial. Maybe they would just be so— they miss the spirit. The Bible says listen to the spirit. Maybe they do not listen. They have a form of godliness, they just go through the motions.

God says you are asleep, you must wake up. You have some in Sardis who have not soiled their clothing. They shall walk with me in white, they shall be worthy. The ones who overcome, they shall be dressed in white. I will not blot out their names out of the book of life, I will acknowledge them before the father and the angels. Listen to what the Spirit is saying to the churches.

This is incredible, God says I will blot out your name. People say oh, well, when you are saved, everything is always fine and dandy, once saved always saved. But God says you have the responsibility that we have in the body. We have this in the body, we have our position, if we do not fill it, well, I did not write this. He says you will be blotted out of the book.

That would be scary, when you think about it. I am telling you what it says, I did not write it. You cannot get around it. You have the responsibility to the body. What is the church for? It would be for the edification of the body, to build them up in the word. Faith comes from the word.

I show you, this is our purpose, this is for the preaching of the word. Jesus is the word. Do you want to add anything? Did you want to give me some wisdom? Okay. All right. We need to hear, if you overcome, the one that wakes up, the one that wakes up.

Let me go to the next church. The church at Philadelphia. It is the city of brotherly love, but it was anything but that. Our the leaders, they love the brother, he loved his brother, they named the city after this. This is the reason it has a name like this. It is no other great reason. It is the name of the city. Let me read about it. Let me see what it says.

I will say in the church, it is not brotherly love. Then he says these are the words of the one that is holy and true, and what I opened no one can shut, what I shot cannot be opened. I know your deeds, I know were the deeds you have committed, you have kept my word, and I will make those who say they are Jews, and they are liars, I will make them fall down and acknowledge that I have loved you. You have My commandments, you have endured patiently.

I will keep you from the trial that shall come upon the world, to test the earth. The trial would be the tribulation. What does she say? Not pick up on it. There is a part of the church, and once again, they have a form of godliness, going through the motions. They were in the church. There was fighting in the church. They were attacking those, those that were spiritual. He was calling these Christians and they were weak, they were exhausted because of the fight.

And he says now look, if God opens a door, it cannot be shut, they cannot shut the doors on you, so just pay attention, and he says no one can open these doors. I will do what I need to do, I am in control. Okay and I am sorry, I have a note. We are not on Facebook. What I see is this. Do not worry. If God has called you to the ministry and you are in the church.

I would dare say, I wish you could raise your hands. We know that we are called, but it seems like someone always holds us back. They put us under, they will not let us have any positions. They put us where we do not belong. This is what was happening in the church. God said do not worry. When I opened the door no one can shut it.

God says I can make a way for your ministry and be at peace. Even though you are weak and downtrodden, no one can help you, I would be there for you. I will take you through. That we go to verse 11. I will come back soon, do not let anyone take your crown. If you endure you shall be a pillar in the house of the Lord God. You will hold these things up, you hold up the roof. You will not leave the temple.

I will write down the name of my God, and the city of my God, the new Jerusalem out of heaven. I will write down on him my new name, if you can hear me, that him hear what the Spirit is saying to the church. The church should be busy listening to the Holy Ghost. We need to listen to the Holy Ghost. We will get to the last church. I will try to move quickly.

To the church at Laodicea, now this church, Laodicea– it might not sound like a church you might know, they were very wealthy. These people had great wealth. They were more wealthy than any other church. They had great wealth. They were rich, and used to it. It reminds me of a country. Would you know anything like that? Would anything come to your mind?

These are the words of the one that is faithful true witness, the ruler of creation. I know that you are not cold or hot, I wish you were cold or hot, you are lukewarm, I will spit you out of my mouth, and you will say that I am rich and I have great wealth, I do not need anything. But you are wretched, you are poor and blind and naked.

I will tell you to purchase the gold refined in the fire, and you can cover your nakedness with white garments, and then you would be able to see with this salve. We spoke about this. You must submit to God, you must submit to his discipline, for what he wants you to do.

He will not make you do it. He told Elisha stay here, and he says you could stay behind, and he says do not go to the wilderness. Everybody that goes with the Lord comes back with the Holy Ghost. When you go to the wilderness you suffer with fasting and prayer. The enemy will attack you. He says you do not have to. They thought they had it all together.

I am spiritual, it is because I am rich. I am very wealthy. I am blessed, I am so much on the ball. That does not sound like an American church, no, not at all. 😉 and just because a church is big, that is not necessarily God. They thought that they had these things they were full of faith. But God said your blind, wretched, naked, pitiful, you are poor, and you know, you need to go through the fire. You know, shadrach, meshach and abednego, these young men were very wealthy, they were stripped of everything in the fire, everybody could see the fourth man in the fire. They did not have any worldly goods, but finally the world could see God.

I am saying be careful what you call faith, and what you think is God. Remember, money is the root of what? All types of evil. Here is what it says, the love of money is the root of all types of evil. They had a great love of money. That we continue. If I love you, I will discipline you. Be earnest and repent. I stand at the door and knock, if you open the door, I will be with you, you will be with me.

First off he says, if I love you, I rebuke you. He loves these people dearly. He is about to give them discipline. He disciplines those he loves. Then he says something, I am standing at the door, if you open the door I will come in and be with you and you with me. I will eat with you. This is what happens. Now let me pick on Becky all right, Becky, the church they thought it was all together. But Jesus says, I am trying to get into the door, will you let me inside? I am knocking at the door. I am not in your life.

You cannot worship, you cannot have 2 Gods, money and God, you either have one of the other. He says I am outside. We talk about this for salvation, and rightly so. Jesus says can you hear me? You are so busy, you do not know I am outside, outside of the door. That would be scary stuff. Then he says I want to be with you.

Let me go to Revelation 19:19. I read this. It went through me. I mean 19:9, the angel has said, said unto me, then he says, these are the words of God you are invited to the wedding. It hits me, God spoke to me, if you do not be with him now, you cannot be with him later, at the wedding supper. This is the great feast. If you do not have him now, you cannot be with him later in heaven.

Word is faith come from?
That is in the church, you need to invite him in. The church is very important, because this is where we are with him. People are obsessed with worship, and this is not what the church is designed for. There should be corporate worship, if someone says I am against worship that would be a lie from hell, but in the church, and the design of the church is for the preaching of the word, if we are not built up by the word, if we do not have the Holy Ghost. God will not want the worship. We need to have some fire off of the altar, from the word.

Let me finish it up. If you overcome, you can sit with me on my throne, a great authority. I wonder about this. I wonder why God says this, about the throne. There is a reason. Wealth can bring complacency. It fools you, it makes you think you are something you are not. Sometimes, wealth can get you out of problems, you do not have to trust God.

But if you can overcome those things, and that would be one of the hardest things to do, it is easier, it is easier for the camel to go through the eye of a needle, than the rich to go into the kingdom of God. God says if you can rule over your wealth, you will be with him on his throne. Just as I have overcome I sat down with my father on his throne, if you can hear me, listen to what the Spirit is saying to the church.

Let me say. We are talking about the body of Christ, if you are absent from the body and the church, you are injuring the church, and that church cannot do what God wants them to do. I tell you tonight, go back to church, you need to go back to the body of Christ. Get back anyway you can, I know some people are in situations, where you cannot.

But when you can, go back to the body. We have to return to the church. The churches are crippled. The pastors cannot lead like they should, but because the body will not step up. It is not all about the pastor. It is not about me. It is about us, you and me and Christ. We will do his work with him and not for him.

I want to read little more very quickly, I love you keep preaching. This can apply to some things, Paul says, Paul says brothers I did not know he was the high priest, do not speak evil of the rulers. Many people attack the pastors. They attack the leaders. Do not touch them. Do not speak evil against the pastors. It is God’s job to rebuke the pastor. God can raise them up to be rebuked, but do not you say anything against your pastor.

This would go for any leader. This would be talking about government leaders. The president, the Congressman, anyone who is an official. Do not speak evil of them. Let me tell you what he says, this will help you. Do not blaspheme God or do not curse the ruler of the people.

When God puts, when God talks about this, like we speak evil of the rulers, understand this, is serious. He does not put up with it. Be careful when you talk about the rulers. Be careful when you speak about the pastors. The pastors cannot do, because the body will not show up. It is time for the body to show up, we must be the church.

We need to get the job done. Get back to your church. Find a church to be a part of. People? That would be, not necessarily a church that would meet your need, you want to help others. My body does not revolve around my hand, but my hand helps the rest of my body. In return, everything goes back to my hand.

The church is not revolving around you, but if you become hurt, and what do we do? When we heard our hand, we pull it in clothes and your called to serve. You must do this in the body. We must go back to church. Go back to the pastors, support them, lift them up. Encourage one another. Do not speak evil of them or one another. Trust me. If the body of Christ wants to be beat up, we can go to the world.

We need a place of refuge for the people of God. Amen. Amen. That would be good stuff. That is good stuff. God is good.

–and where are we going?– You Are a Part of the Body Of Christ