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Faith Is Found In The Church.

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October 27, 2017

Praise the Lord. I’m glad to be here tonight. I’m pastor Jeff. This program is live on the air. Call us at the numbers on the screen. We want to pray and preach and teach. We shall talk about the church. The importance of the church.

We will talk about how God speaks to us as the church and individuals. Let’s pray. They are working as we speak all the equipment. I pray that we could pray for people tonight by the time I am done. It is crazy Michael is upset in the back.

Everybody says he is like this all of the time, I know the difference. It’s really hard to tell. I will have to listen to his comments all of the night.

We thank you for this wonderful night, we pray for your will to be done, put your hand on this place and fill us with laughter. Heal the people. Change their lives. Get them on the narrow road. Let them be on the highway that rises above the circumstances of life. We pray in Jesus name. We know that you are here. Amen.

We are speaking about the importance of the church. We need to be in the church. I will hit a stone over this. I want to get into what I really wanted to say. First Corinthians 12: 12. The body is the unit, it is made up of many parts, it is many, and so it is with Christ. We have been baptized into one body, Jew or Greek, slave or free. We have the one spirit.

The body of christ is just one. I want to talk about one spirit. Talk about that for a moment, put that on the shelf. There are so many divisions in the body of christ, we are not one yet. This talks about the church. There are many parts to the body.

I can remember many years ago, I broke my arm, my left arm. I shattered my wrist, I had seven breaks. I chipped my elbow. It was a mess. I realized, when I had a cast on my arm, things don’t work the way they should. It is hard when just a part of the body is shot down. It did not kill me, but it was enough to keep me from functioning like I should.

And especially for things that were athletic. I was no great athlete, I was not. The eyes cannot say to the hand I do not need you, and then the hand cannot say to the feet I don’t need you. I want you to see this, what part of the body, our body cannot say to any of the other parts, I don’t need you. That would be ridiculous.

On the other hand, no body parts can say, I do not want to be here anymore, I’m leaving, the ears cannot say, I want o leave. . Many people say they do not need to go to church. There should be no division in the body. No division. We should be concerned for one another.

When one part suffers, it all suffers. When one rejoices, everybody rejoices. People say this is not really true. Let me help you. You know, if I your finger with a hammer, now you tell me that your body won’t suffer the body would suffer because of just one finger.

I hit my big toe, i’ll be losing my toenail. It hurts, it brought tears to my eyes. It makes it very difficult for me to walk in the Old Testament when the people would be conquered, they would cut off the thumbs and big toes. Because without your thumbs you cannot hold a sword to fight. That’s a good idea when you think about it.

They don’t kill you, you just can’t going to battle anymore. The devil understands these things if he can keep you from having your thumbs, maybe you think it is minor, then you will be able to fight. He gets it. He understands it.

I see a lot of things happening in the church today. Let me go to the book of Revelation. I want you to catch this very quickly. It begins in Revelation. I hope you get it. Revelation 1:17. When I saw him I fell down like I was dead. He put his hand upon me, and don’t be afraid, I am the living one, I am alive forever more. I hold the keys to death and life. Write down what you have seen.

The mystery of the seven stars in my hand, and the lampstands would be this. The seven stars would be the seven angels of the church, and these are the seven churches. God is talking to John. John is on Patmos. People think he lost his mind because he was so lonely. He wrote the book of Revelation.

When you see it taking place, when you see these things happening, literally, every day passes, we see the fulfillment of the book when these things were written they could not understand, but reread it now like a newspaper. I want you to see this. Jesus speaks to John. These are the angels of the church.

Look at this. I don’t want to do a great study, exposition, I cannot break it all down. But I do want you to see this and chapter 2, this would be emphasis, the first church. Let me stop at the church of Ephesus he says, and I want you to write this down for the church.

There are times, we are called the church and not an individual but we are the body as a whole. If I am absent from the body, there would be a problem. The church would be handicapped. You might not think that you are important, maybe you don’t think you are needed. But as I show in you last night, the body is for the edification, as we go through hard times, the body comes together.

Maybe when I hit your finger with the hammer, what would you do? You would hold your hand close to your body, that’s the first response. You could maybe, hit me. But you want to protect what was hurt. If you are not in the body, how can the rest of the body pulled you in, how could he protect you?

You know, there are just many people that say they are the body but not really. He writes this to the church and if you are not in the church, you are not being addressed, as but God wants you to do. You should be with the rest of the body, in the body.

You have a purpose in the church. Maybe you don’t need the church, you think. You missed the point. People call, they say I am treated so badly, like a dog, blah, blah blah, nobody will help me. But know this is not what we are called to do.

We are called to help others. We are called to die to ourselves. We are called to give and not to receive. Case in point. You shall receive if you give, but everybody wants to be given to first, they want to receive the first, and they don’t realize they have to give first. But if you give you shall receive. I’ll say that another time.

And these are the words of the one who holds the seven stars, and the seven lampstands. Let me stop. Jesus is the inspector of the church. He is in the church. We need to wake up in the morning, and we need to think, maybe not consciously but you would go okay, everything seems to be working. When things are not working, you understand it.

The Lord walks among the church, he is examining the church. He watches us. So many people think he is not watching, but if you think that you are foolish. I know your deeds, God to seize, I know your perseverance. You cannot tolerate wickedness, you test those who think they are apostles but they are not, they are false.

You have persevered, you have endured for my namesake, you have not grown weary. Are there false people in the church? Of course. Let me say it this way, cancer is not a part of your body, your body was not designed to have cancer. These men are like a cancer in the church, they must be removed. We must see it. Cancer kills people, they don’t know it is there.

How do you know? Keep reading I hold this against you. You mean God can hold something against me? Remember you have fallen, repent, and if you don’t repent, I will remove your lampstand. Let me stop.

Here we see, God says I see the good and the bad. But he also says, I want you to repent. Get your act together and if you don’t do what is right, I will remove your lampstand. I will remove the church from the body, you shall not inherit the kingdom of God. Okay?

We see this with every single church. Okay? Mike, [ in the back] I need my clock.

All right let me continue. But me go to verse six. He tells them something good, he identifies the problem. Then he says, you have something else. You hate the practices of the Nicolaitans. I hate it, too. What is that? They were peddling cheap grace. They said that you could be involved in sin, you were not under the law, it was all grace, you are forgiven, no matter what.

That sounds familiar. You can live together. It makes no difference. As long as you are in Christ. But God says he will remove the lampstand. Don’t do something God hates. Notice he says I hate these practices. He does not hate the people, he was just hitting what they were doing.

Listen to what the Spirit says how do we know if we have a cancer in the church? We must listen to the spirit. Let me continue, I will finish it up. All right, and to the ones who overcome, now he speaks to the individuals. I will give them the right to eat of the tree of life, that is in the paradise, of life. It is the tree of life. It is so you can live forever.

Let me continue to the next church. I’ll have to stop here. To the church in Smyrna,and not want you to know that Smyrna, was a poor area. They had been persecuted. They said that they were a part of the church, they were being persecuted. These are the words of the ones that would be the first and the last, I have come to life.

I know your poverty, you are rich. I know those who say they are Jews, they are of the synagogue of Satan. Don’t be afraid. I tell you the truth, I will tell you the truth, the enemy will put you into prison, you would be tested. You will suffer for 10 days. Be faithful unto death. I will give you the crown of life.

That me say, you mean, you might suffer as you are in the church? Yes. I just read that. There shall be persecution. It’s not just tipping, and going through the tulips. Now you get. There is hardship. You go through things. He says you are poor, you are poor materially.

You mean there are poor Christians? Yes. Not all of them are rich. But he says you are really rich with the true riches. Look at what it says. If you can hear me, listen to the spirit, listen to what God says. You shall not be hurt at all by the second death as you overcome they are getting me up and running. And to the angel of the church at pergamas I want you to write this, I have the sharp sword. I know where you are.

You are truly my name, you have not renounced your faith enemy, and even in the days of Antipas, he was put to death. Like the Christians can be put to death? Yes. They are put to death. Nevertheless. I’ve got some things against you. There are people that hold to the teachings of Baalim, and the people committed sin, they had sexual morality.

That keeps coming up, I did not write this. There are those that hold to the teachings of the Nicolaitans. Repent. But if you do not, I will fight against you with the sword of my mouth. If you can hear me, listen to what I am telling you. I will give you the hidden manna if you overcome, I will give you a new name, only known the one that receives it.

He is talk about the Nicolaitans, he talks about immorality. He says flee away from this. He says I will give you what is true, I will give you, I will take you into the manna. The body of christ. The word. Let me see if I want to continue. I’ve got to keep going. I must keep preaching.

And to the angels of the churches of thyatira, I have feet like burnished bronze, and I know you love the Lord, I know your perseverance. You now be more than you did. Nevertheless, I have this against you. You need to really pay attention, you tolerate Jezebel. That me stop.

God says you tolerate Jezebel. We will speak about this, he was upset. Jezebel had her own followers. You won’t stop it. You allow it. You remember Ahab. This is like Jezebel of the Old Testament, she was not a Jew. She was working and prostitution. Ritualized. She would kill the people of God that she could.

She raised up the prophets of Baal. Elijah killed them all. They received the punishment that they were giving out, yes, they had been killed then God says, you shall receive the same punishment you have given out. She was eaten by dogs, she was killed.

Because you listen to her, she had a controlling spirit, she tried to, to takeover Ahab. They threw her down, out of the window. She was trying to control Ahab, the King, through sexual morality. He did not necessarily do it, he tolerated it. He would build the temples for the false prophets.

So Ahab, received the same punishment as Jezebel. She was put to death. Ahab was also killed. If we continue to tolerated these things, he says this church, shall receive the same punishment. I mean, ouch. Ouch.

That is tough love. I will wrap it up. By these teachings, she has taken my servants into immorality with food sacrificed to idols. She will not repent. God will give you time to repent, he does not wipe you out.

I will cast her down the suffering, they will suffer intensely without repenting. I will strike them down, I will strike these children down, everyone will know I am the one who searches the hearts, I will repay everyone according to their deeds. God sees. God sees. God judges. I’ve got news for you.

And I say to everyone, if you do not hold to these teachings, and if you don’t learn these the secrets, I will give you no other burden. Just keep what i’ve given you until I come back. If you do my well unto the end, I will give you the authority over the nations. Put that on the shelf. It’s important.

You shall be bashed like pottery. I will give you the authority like my father gave to me, I will give you the morningstar. Listen to what I am saying to the churches. This is important. I’ve got news for you, honey. It is shocking. If you overcome immorality, you will have special authority over the devil.

You shall rule. I have to leave it at that.