God Is Holy.

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October 5, 2017

Tonight, Jeff talks about the Holiness of God. Our heavenly Father does not make mistakes. The Scripture says, “As for God’s way is perfect.”

We don’t need to second guess Almighty God. Unfortunately, because of technical difficulty, we don’t have the transcript for this broadcast opening, but we do have the audio version for you. These are the opening comments from October 5, 2017.

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Faith and Works Go Together

Faith and works go hand in hand.

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October 4, 2017

Praise the Lord. I’m glad to be with you tonight I hope you had a good day. I hope you are praying for the victims in Nevada. You know the sad thing is, we have these shootings across the country.

I will pray for them, that’s not the sad part, however in Chicago, there are 18,000 people that have been shot in the last six years. But because it is not in a mass shooting, who prays for them?

I pray for our God people there shot all of the time. I deal with it in the trauma center. We should pray. This is affecting our nation, yes. We need to pray for the nation. Pray for them. Pray for the nation. Pray for the victims wherever they might be.

I am from St. Louis. It is one of the most dangerous cities in America. People talk about Chicago, but St. Louis is a difficult place. We pray for the program tonight. Please touch the people. Heal their hearts. Bring us together in unity. I pray for the argument would stop. I pray that we could be together as one, to pray for this nation.  Continue reading Faith and Works Go Together

Pray for America

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October 3, 2017

Jeff: Praise God, I’m glad to be with you tonight, as you know and you know by now— this has been a hard day for our country. I don’t think that words can describe how I feel. Many of you feel the same way.

When 911 happened, we saw the images on the TV. I became almost hysterical. They could not get the people out of the buildings, I knew the buildings, you know, if they would fall, they would all fall, and they went down.

I turned to my wife, the nation, we shall never be the same again. So much more was lost, than people realized. Today I do feel the same way. I do work in a trauma center, I know what these families, and what these people are going through. Continue reading Pray for America