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October 31, 2017

Jeff: praise the Lord. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. A cold front is coming through Florida. We are wearing socks with our flip-flops. I hope we can survive. It so hard to wear flip-flops with socks. Please pray for us. I can feel the sympathy right now./s  It is amazing.

I have no idea what I will say tonight. Maybe God will move during the prayer. I am pastor Jeff. This program is live on the air. Lord, please have your way. Touch the lives. Open the hearts. Let them receive. Let them do your work. To walk in it. In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen.

This is my problem. I am doing a series on the church. Today I was feeling strongly to teach about faith. So, I think what we will do, we will come back to the church tomorrow night. People are having problems with the faith. Otherwise God would not have given this to me. Do not become upset. Be patient.

Let me go to second Chronicles chapter 20. Chapter 20, with verse one. I want to read. After this the Moabites and the ammonites and the enemies of Israel came to make war upon Jehoshaphat, and they said they will come from Edom, they are very close. Jehoshaphat said he would require of the Lord. That is a good idea.

He proclaimed a fast. The people came together to look to the Lord for help. They came from every town in Judah. Then that Jehoshaphat stood up in front of all of the people in the courtyard, he said. Jehoshaphat is in trouble. There is a huge army about to overwhelm Israel, they have no clue what to do. Have you ever been in that place? Maybe you just do not know.

It could be the IRS, it could be maybe a report of cancer, or whatever you are going through. But it seems like it is a vast army to overwhelm you, in the natural there is no help. You cannot stand against your enemy. There is a sense of panic that overwhelms you. Am I the only one that feels that way? I am not seeing your hands, please raise them higher.

We have all been there. Jehoshaphat begins to pray, and he says oh, Lord God, you are the God in heaven. You rule over the world, Almighty is in your hand. No one can withstand you. You have driven out the inhabitants before Israel, to give the land to the people of Abraham. They have been living here, they have built the sanctuary for your name.

They say if we face calamity, no matter what it is, we shall stand before the temple, we will cry out to the Lord in distress, God will save us and hear us. That here are all of the enemies that face Israel. We have invaded them previously, and we have not been destroyed. But now they are repaying us, and they will drive us away from your inheritance.

We have no power to face this huge army, they are attacking us. We do not know what to do. Our eyes are on you. That mean focus on this, emphasize this. We have no power to face this enemy. Many people get into hyper faith. Sometimes you just need to go to God and be straight.

You have nothing to fight with. You go in humility, you get done before the Lord in sackcloth and ashes, you humble yourself, you say God I cannot do this, it is bigger than me. This happened to me. I lost my businesses. The economy changed. I told the Lord I had no power anymore. I was in the mess. God get me out of this, please.

Sometimes you just get to that place, you face reality. You are in trouble. Many people do not want to face it. They will say, I will go to God. But go to God first. All of the men and women and the children stood before the Lord, then the spirit, the spirit of the Lord, note that, it came upon the servant of the court, the son of Zachariah, the son of the Levites, he stood in the assembly. He said listen, oh, King. Do not be afraid because of the Army, about the battle is the Lord’s. They shall climb up you will find them in the desert.

You will not fight this battle, stand firm, the Lord shall deliver you, watch and see what God will do. Do not be afraid. Do not be discouraged. The Lord shall be with you. Jehoshaphat bowed down, they worship the Lord.

Then the Levites, all of the priest stood up and praised the Lord with a loud voice, and then they went out, this to me, all of the people, and you will be upheld. Have faith and you should be successful, and then they began to thank the Lord for his love. So many people think they have faith.

They think because they simply praise God they will have an answer. They believe that God will take the battle. That me tell you something. It might shock you or upset you. That is hogwash. You heard me. You must pray first. The battle is decided on your knees, it is through prayer.

I have seen too many people, I have seen too many people simply praise God but they fall, but they do not pray first you need humility, they do not pray through first. You have to pray through first. When you do that, something happens.

You get something from God. Do not lose your place. I am not dismissing praise, the love of Pete, I am not saying that. There is a time and a place. But the prayer must come first. Then you get the word of the Lord, then you get the word and you praise him. You must breakthrough, and when the battle on your knees.

You simply praise him, but that will not be enough, that will not get it done. We must have the full armor. We must take up the battle position. Too many people do not know how to take up a battle position.

Let me go to Hebrews, well let me go to the King James version. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. By it the elders obtained a good report. But why? They sought God first with fasting and with prayer, — then they had the substance to faith. Let me tell you what that would be.

Please go to Philippians. [ I lost my place again] I am having a little fun here. All right, I was going the wrong way. Of lost my mind not my place. That we go to Philippians chapter– what was that? Chapter 4. 4. Let me read two verses. Rejoice in the Lord always and again rejoice, let your gentleness be evident to all and the Lord is near and do not be anxious, but by prayer with Thanksgiving, prayer and petition with Thanksgiving. Prayer and petition. You constantly go back to God with your petition.

Many people think you just pray one. But Jesus says when I return will I find faith? Like the widow that was pastoring the unjust judge, he says I do not care about God or man, I want this woman to be satisfied, she is driving me crazy. Jesus says when I come back, will I find faith?

You must pray until you have the substance. This is the substance, are you ready? Rejoice at remember the Lord is near, in everything by prayer, with Thanksgiving, let your need be known to God, and the peace of God that transcends all understanding, will keep your hearts and minds in Christ.

When you go to the Lord in prayer and you seek him, you have the peace that passes all understanding. Second Corinthians 2: 5:7. We walk by faith and not by sight. When you have the peace of God, you understand there is an army fighting you. It is bigger than you. You do not have the power to overcome. You do not have the strength for the cancer, or anything. But in the Lord, I pray until I get a word from God.

A word from God, then II know what I see, but then I see what and I walk by faith. Suddenly I have the peace of God, you know you when the battle. You know God will fight for you. You win. My daughter was dying, and they told me my daughter was dying. Say goodbye. It is over.

I was not finished, maybe they were done, and maybe they understood there was no way that she could live like that. I understood something, I knew God could bring life into the dirt. He could bring life, and he could bring life to my daughter. I fell down, I was crying out to God with everything. I began to have the peace of God, I knew that she was dead, but in the spirit I knew God would fight the battle.

I knew we would go home together alive. I had an assurance. I cannot tell you how it felt. It is the peace of God that passes all understanding, this is what the king says that the people, trust God. You speak it forth, as a prophesy. They began to praise the Lord. The Lord began to set an abusment against his enemies that were– they were innovating Judah, then they were all destroyed. When they saw the desert.

This is how the enemy works, you know, the Muslims cannot overcome the world, they are too busy killing one another. They walk in hatred, they walk in hatred. They are constantly fighting one another. Yes, they are a threat, but they cannot overtake the world. They are so busy killing one another.

They can never have any unity, there is so much hatred. I know I made a lot of friends with that statement. When the men of Judah came to the land and they saw all of the dead bodies on the ground in the desert, and no one escaped.

The king went to carry way to the plunder, there was a lot of clothing and equipment, and much more valuables than they could even take away. It took three days to collected all. Then they assembled in the Valley of the praise, they began to praise the Lord.

This is what they call it the Valley of Baca to this day. They were rejoicing with the sound of the trumpets. They were praying through, would the word of the Lord. They were praising the Lord. They went into the battle. God even did something greater in the battle as they were praising the Lord. They appreciated God.

You need to appreciate God. Look at this last bit of Scripture. The fear of the Lord came upon their enemies, and when they heard how the Lord was fighting for them, and then the king was at peace, and he was at peace on every side. If you want this let me tell you, that me share this with you—you will go through battles. But the day will come, you will have rest.

They will not want to fight you anymore. They might fight others but they do not want to fight you, they will say that we have had enough. We do not want to deal with this. But why? They were praising the Lord. They were thanking God for what he had done. Told put the cart before the horse. It begins in prayer.

So many churches, just praise the Lord, but if you are truly a warrior, you win the battle in prayer. We are fighting the principalities, it is not flesh and blood. This is where the battle is– in the heavenly realms. Then you see the substance.

You have peace, then you see there is a substance, it appears before you. But why? When God speaks, and brings things in due order, and into existence. You need the word of the Lord, you need that first. It is the word of the Lord.

I would pray you would open the hearts of the people to receive. Let them have a quickening. I am praying that they could overcome. In the name of Jesus, Amen. — we want to go to–let us go to Pat from Oklahoma. Hello Pat?