You Are a Part of the Body of Christ.

You belong To Him

Listen to: “The Body Of Christ.”

October 28, 2017

Becky: Hello, welcome to the prayer meeting, I am Becky.

Jeff: I am Jeff, and you will be able to call in on this live prayer program. The numbers are on that your screen. Do not panic they will be out there soon. I told Becky, I was going to wear green tonight and I do not think Becky got the memo.

Anyway, and we get here to the camera, and she says you are wearing green. I give up, and they say we do not listen. What can I say? She still looks good. I am in so much trouble. Let us pray before I get into more trouble. Would you like to pray? The Lord knows.

Father we thank you for this beautiful night, Lord. It is such a privilege to come before you to allow your Holy Spirit to work in us, and through us. I cannot believe we have this opportunity. Help us never to deny your spirit. Please do your work tonight. Do your will. We give you all of the praise and the honor. In Jesus precious name. Amen. Continue reading You Are a Part of the Body of Christ.