It’s All about Love.

Brandon Mitchell
Special Guest Host– Brandon Mitchell

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October 21, 2017

Praise the Lord, and greetings, I want to read you something, listen, “Looking for, hastening for the day of God, and wherein, we have in heaven, and the heavens shall be dissolved, and everything shall melt with a fervent heat, but we, and according, according to his promise, we look for the new heavens and the new earth, wherein dwells righteousness.”

Praise the Lord, Amen, greetings, the name of Jesus. My name is Brandon Mitchell.  Welcome, were going to have a great time before the Lord tonight, and I’m glad that you are tuning in, Amen?

Let’s begin with prayer, Father in the name of Jesus, and follow be called upon you right now and be with us as we minister your word, God, as we commune together, breaking the bread, in the name of Jesus.

We thank you for the promise and we thank you for the provision.  We thank you for the redemption in the name of Jesus. We thank you father, in the name of Jesus we pray, please be with us tonight, Amen. Continue reading It’s All about Love.