Wake-Up Church!

Listen to: “Wake Up Church!”

October 20, 2017

Jeff: I hope you are glad to be here, I’m so glad to be with you, this program is live on the air there is so much to do. Let’s pray and get into the word. You will understand why I say there is a lot to be done.

We thank you for the word, I pray this would quicken our bones minds. Please raise us from the dead as a mighty army to do your work. I would pray in the name of Jesus that the word would touch their hearts tonight. I pray you will touch them make them new. Amen, amen.

Last night, during the night, there was a lady who called you would be clueless if you did not watch, but she did call, she spoke about how she had eight marriages. I got a lot of emails about it. People wanted me to know, in the moment, they were set free. Continue reading Wake-Up Church!