Wake up– Jesus is coming!

the 2nd coming.
He Is Coming.

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October 10, 2017

Jeff: Praise the Lord. I am pastor Jeff. This program is live on the air. You can call the telephone numbers you see on your screen. You can call for prayer.

I want to say I was watching our introduction, we should have had more ethnic groups in the opening. Because of the hurricane. Somebody went on vacation; that was put on the back burner.

I will try to find out what is happening. I do not know, it has not been forgotten. Let me pray, and get into the word. I pray you would put a hedge of protection around the program here at CTN.

I pray that we would be surrounded by the armies of the Lord. I pray that you would protect us, and keep us. Please bring power and might. Continue reading Wake up– Jesus is coming!