The Baptism of the Holy Ghost.


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September 4, 2015.


Jeff: hi, I’m Pastor Jeff Lane and there are many people that are requesting the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and I said, and if the Lord leads me, I would begin to teach you, and I’ll begin to teach you tonight.

If the Lord has me to teach something different, and do not get upset, and will do a little series, and it will take some time. but I want you to see the reason and the purpose for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and why, we have the Holy Spirit, and why we have things differently.

Now in the Old Testament, in the Old Testament, the Holy Ghost would come on the people, however, the Bible would say the word came to them and you see it, and the Holy Spirit came and maybe spoke to them or inspired them and then he would leave.

The Bible says, and he baptized Jesus in the Holy Ghost when he received the water baptism, and it remained on him, and that would be a big difference, and how the Holy Spirit was working in the Old Testament, and he came and he went and he came and he went, however now, he remains. But why is that?  I’ll explain.

we are forgiven. we are justified through Christ otherwise, I don’t believe we could live very long to say the least. and let’s go to the book of Zachariah, I have read this before. and this would be the best place to begin of the birth of the church, chapter 4. and the Lord says some interesting things. and you might think it is the Old Testament, but you know you will see the continuity, and realize it.

and go to Zachariah, and it simply says, and he said this, and this is the word to Zarubabel and this is the word of the Lord,and the mighty mountains will move, and they will become the level ground, and we will say God bless it, and the Lord, came to me, and the Lord will also do this work, and then you will know that the Lord Almighty has brought me to you.

and do not despise the small beginnings, and the Lord is the plumb line. and these are the eyes of the Lord, and when we know and we have seen this from Revelation, this is talking about the church. and this is the physical foundation of the temple, however it is the church. and then he says, and they laid the foundation for Christ, and I don’t care what denomination you are, and I don’t know anyone that disagrees with this, and the church began on the day of Pentecost.

and then he says, and what are the olive trees,and they are the right and left, and by the two golden pipes, and he says, I don’t know what they are. and these are the ones who serve the Lord. and of course, this would be the priest, and the king. and this is talking about and when the Holy Spirit would be poured out, it would be living, and you don’t have to refill the light, it is a constant infilling of the Holy Ghost, and he remains.

and we have given what? we have the priest and we have the king. and now jump over and to be patient with me, and go to the book of James. and that would be peculiar but it is not.

and I want you to see something, in chapter 3. and you should not be preachers, or teachers, but we will be judged more strictly. and we all stumble, and we, and if we are not at fault we are perfect, and you can keep your whole body in check. and we will put a bit in the mouth of the horse, and we can turn the whole animal.

and even tho the ships are driven they are driven by a small rudder, however, and the tongue is a small part of the body. and even a great fire is set off by a small spark. and you can set the course of life on fire, and it is set on fire by hell. and all of the animals can’t be tamed, but you cannot tame your tongue, it is filled with poison. and we also praise the Lord and then we curse men.

and we have the praise and of the curses in the same mouth, and the salt and the freshwater cannot come out of the same river. and you know, cannot and salt cannot produce freshwater, but why does God want your tongue? and why does he want your tongue? because it would be the rudder of the ship. and the part of the brain that controls your tongue, controls your body. and that would be it. and we are not much. and God wants complete control, and of God can have control of your tongue, he will control your body.

he wants your tongue, and why? that is so important. and you know, and we don’t do anything without speaking. and your mouth, there is so much power, and we bind with the tongue, and we need the power of the Holy Ghost to control it and this talks about something and I want you to think about this, and I will take a match, and I hope I don’t set the place on a fire, and you know, it was a small spark that lights the match, and that could destroy everything and burn down the building.

and by the same token, some smoke. and this can bring a lot of good, and fire can do good or evil, it can cleanse or it can destroy. if God has a hold of it, it cleanses and purifies and it makes you whole. and if God makes the fire he does great things, and in the Old Testament when they would conquer the land, and whatever could stand the fire, it was cleansed with fire and water.

we have the Holy Ghost to cleanse us. but you say wait a minute, and was and I cleansed with Jesus in my life? yes, you were forgiven, but did you find it was hard to live for the Lord? and this is the cleanse you and sanctify you, and you are saved by the power of the Holy Spirit, it is not by might, but it is by the Holy Spirit.

the spirit does the work, and he does the work in the church. now let me show you something and over here and there is a statement, and no good tree and no good tree can bear bad fruit, and people do not take a fig from a briar. and a good man will bring things that is good, and the evil man does evil out of his heart, and out of your heart you will speak. and there is a commercial on TV, and they will say code of what is in your wallet? but I say what is in your heart, and when you open your mouth, and when you open your wallet you know what you have, and when you open your mouth, I know what is in your heart.

and do you have the Holy Spirit, and is the Holy Ghost speaking through you? or is it you, and I’ll stop here and I want to say one last thing, and think about this. this would be Leviticus 10. I had a church,and someone told me, and Pastor Jeff, I have been coming to your church for many years, and you are preaching the Bible, I did not know the Holy Ghost was in every book of the Bible, and how long will you preach on the Holy Spirit? I said, when you get it.

and then he said, that would be fair enough. and he had not been filled yet and when you get it, I’ll stop preaching on it. and the sons of Aaron, and they had a fire, and incense, and they offered an unauthorized fire, contrary to the commands. and the Lord came out, and the fire came out from the Lord and consumed them, and they died.

and then Moses said to Aaron, and this is what the Lord says, among those who approach me I will be holy, and in the sight of the people I will be honored. and Erin was silent. and then they took away the men, and then they told the men, do not even to be sad, and do not even be sad, and don’t even admit the loss. they did not do right.

and what does it mean? unauthorized fire? and this represents prayer, and they went into the tent, and they took the fire from the, from their campfires and they had been drunk, and they put that fire, and they did not have the fire from heaven, and the Lord lit the fire on the altar, however they put different fire into the sensor, and then the fires came down from heaven.

and I’ll say something. and like the Hebrew boys, who were thrown into the fire, and they had the fire of the Holy Ghost, and everything had been burned out of their lives, and nothing was left to burn, so the fire of God cannot harm you. and my grandfather, and my son is a fire fire, and my grandfather was a firefighter also, and they would do a back fire. and then the fire would burn out, and you would fight fire with fire.

when you have the Holy Spirit, the fire of God cannot harm you, and you have the fire, and it burns everything out, and look at what it says. and I want to stop in a moment, and I’ll continue later on.

and then the Lord says, you and your sons cannot have any fermented drink, and wherever you go, and you will die, and this would be the last ordinance, and you must distinguish between the holy, and the unclean. and teach the Israelites at what Moses has said. and it would be a good book out, I wish you had the book with me, it is called good or God? and there is a lot of good in the world, but it is not necessarily God. and God is not interested in the world, God simply interested in being in your life, and he will respond by the spirit, and he wants to fill you with his spirit.

And he was saying to them, you must distinguish between what is the world and what is the Lord, and what is the will of the Lord and the world. and not what looks good, I tell the chaplains and the pastors, and the young ministers, and I in turn with them. I say, there is much good work, and you must distinguish, and you should not be so busy doing good things, that you don’t do the things of God. and many things are good, and people say that is a good thing, and sometimes you can do so much good, you don’t do what is God.

you need to distinguish. and the Bible says we will be distinguished between God and the world, and we don’t drink the fermented drink. and when the great Pentecostal movement broke out in 1907, and there was a man, and there were many places around the world, and there was a man who went to the different places, and he wanted to see, and there was no Internet, and the people had nothing. and they only had the common thread of speaking in tongues, that was the common thread.

and he wrote down everything and what they did and in their doctrines. and they did all agree, and 100% in agreement. and one thing they agreed upon, that they would not touch fermented drink, and they would have nothing to do with it. and remember, the church had no problem with it, but at that time, suddenly there was a problem, and God does respond to holiness, it is not man-made, it is not what we do, it is the fire of the Holy Ghost working in your life.

this is a part of the purpose of the spirit, and we are just touching on it, it is such a small thing I am saying,but it is the beginning, it is the beginning, and stay with me on this teaching, you will be fascinated.

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