Make Jesus Lord Of Your Life.

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September 1.


Were going to go to Romans tonight, and something that God his laid upon my heart. Lord, and we will pray tonight, and I do pray into the name of Jesus that you will touch those that will be praying for and those who want to get through and those who are in need and those that are watching.

I pray your Holy Spirit will touch them. I pray that you will heal and restore. and Lord, that you would save and bring joy. and Lord, and I pray that many souls will come to you tonight and they will give their lives to you and serve you, and they will not serve their sins, and we do pray that you would set them he, and we pray, father, and what can we say?

Thank you and thank you Lord, in the precious name of Jesus, In the name of jesus. – and we will go to Romans chapter 6 and 15. and what shall we say, because we are not under the law but under grace?

We shall not commit sin and as we offer, and when you offer yourself someone to obey them, you will be a servant to them, and that you will base, or you will a basin, that leads to death, but serve the Lord with your whole heart, and you have been entrusted with his teaching. you have been set free and you are slaves to righteousness. and there seems to be a teaching into the church that disturbs me.

and goes something like this: and people are saved, and they are set free and the old covenant was simply rules and regulations, however in the new covenant, and we don’t have to obey anybody, and we don’t have and we have no obedience to be concerned with but let me show you something if that would be the case.

and this would be Romans 10, and this talks about salvation. and it simply says this: and if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and you believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead, you will be saved. for with your heart you will believe and you are justified that you will confess and you are saved.

and we talk so much about salvation, but we don’t talk about being Lord, and people don’t understand and when you come to Jesus and you have salvation you must be under his Lordship.

you must be obedient and maybe when someone is a 80 and, you are walking in the teachings, and you do what someone says to do, and what they command you to do. and there are many things that we should do, as we follow Christ. and Paul goes through the New Testament, and people of said, the old covenant, and that was an old Scripture, that does not account. but when you go through the New Testament, and you will see, and these people and they came in the old covenant, and I should say, the Old Testament, to verify the things they said and to show people the way they lived their lives. and when we did away with the law, and you know, and these things hand to do with the regulations of sacrifice, however we follow the moral law. and you cannot be saved and kill anybody you want and it does not work that way. and people say what of course. and yet they still want to live in immorality and many things, and it blows my mind. and you want to accept some of the word but not all of it? And either you take some or you take nothing. and if some of the word does not work, then all of it does not work. it would be either or. and I want to move on, and I want to go to 6:19. and I put this in human terms and you aren’t week, and just like as you used to be in slave to impurity and so now, be a slave to righteousness, and when you were slaves to sin you are free from righteousness and you reaped no benefit for the things you are ashamed of, and those things brought death. and now you have been set free, and now you are slaves to God, and the benefit you will receive brings holiness and eternal life. and the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Christ. and look at this, and wickedness, and that type of thing, and there was a brother, Eric and I like to hear from him and when he calls and, and he used to live a life of sin and worship Satan, and he became a slave that he wanted to be free. and he ran into a friend, and it is not because he called us but he called upon God and God set him free. and we are no longer slaves to sin, and most of you understand it, and many are drug addict’s, and you are stuck in sexual immorality and in these different things and you do not want to be there but you are a slave, and it rules over it. you have offered yourself to it, and it rules you. but when you come to Christ and he becomes your Lord you will change the Lordship in your life and you will change your allegiance from committing sin to righteousness to God, and then you become a slave to righteousness so you can enjoy salvation, and you could be set free. in other words, you are going to reverse it. and now you are going to go back to the garden, and you can have all of the great things and be free in the garden, and to be under his grace. listen and if you don’t live under grace you live under the law, I do not want to live under the law, you are condemned under the law, and you are judged. but under grace you have forgiveness. now, let’s move on, and chapter 7:14, and will be jumping a little bit here and I wish I could read it all, but we do not have the time and we know that the law is spiritual, but I was sold as a slave to sin, and what I wanted to do I do not do, and what I hate I wind up doing it,. as it is, it is not me that it is the sin in my members, and I know nothing good is in me, and my sinful nature, and I do want to do what is good but I cannot do it, I’m sorry, for what I do, it would not be the good that I want to do, and I wind up doing what I do not want to do. and try to say that three times quickly. and if, and if I do what I don’t want to do, it is not me, but it is the sin enemy that does it. so I find the law and work and evil is with me, and with my inner being I delight in God but I see something else at work inside me, I am waging war against sin, I am a prisoner of the law, and that is at work in my members. I am a Richard man. who will rescue me from the body of death? Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord, and then in my mind, I can be a slave to the law but I am now a slave to Christ. as long as I am under sin, and he says, it is not me, but this is my sin, I have no choice, I am a slave to it. but thanks be to Christ who is in our lives, and to overcome sin we have to change the Lordship in our lives, and listen. the term salvation, and the term salvation, and our Savior and there are 36 times in the Bible it says the word Savior. but 7800 times he is called the Lord. and he cannot be your Savior without being your Lord. salvation is not a matter of being cleansed of your sins, but it would be a matter of the Lordship in your life. and I will say have you made Jesus the Lord of your life? And I do not think they understand, and have you made Jesus the Lord of your life? And is God now in control? Have you put him on the throne of your heart? And if you have, then, you can overcome your sins and one last part of Scripture, and we will get into and well, I do not want to read all of it, and therefore brothers, and we have the obligation not for our sinful nature, and if you live according to the sinful nature, but if you live by the spirit and you put these things to death, you will live, and those who are led by the spirit of God are his sons, and you don’t have a spirit of slavery, but you have the spirit of being a son and by we cry out, you are my father. and the spirit bears witness that we are his children, and we are heirs of Christ, and if indeed we share in the sufferings we will share in his glory, and it is not me living under fear, and I am not a slave to sin, but I live under the grace and the beauty having Christ as my Lord. there is no fear in my future with Christ as my Lord. I only have joy in my heart and he will give me every good thing, and he will provide every good thing for me, and the Garden Of Eden, and there were so many good things, that God gave to the people. but we chose the one thing, and the one thing that the enemy wanted us to choose, and God was withholding that. it was for something better. it looked good. it was pleasing to the eyes, it was desirable, however there was death in it and use God, and choose God tonight. and say, Lord, and don’t simply say forgive me, but I want you to be the Lord of my life. and then you will overcome, and you will overcome the devil, and you will overcome sin and sickness and all of the evil things, if you will make Jesus the Lord of your life. it is really rather simple.

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