God Listens.

God is listeningListen to: “God Listens.” September 3, 2015


>>Jeff: hi, I’m pastor Jeff Lane and I’m so happy to be with you tonight, and I was feeling like Christmas, and I am waiting for the Lord, and I feel like I’m a kid, running down the stairs, to see what is underneath the tree.  I, and I was praying last night after I left the TV station, I was driving home, and I just wanted to know the Lord, and why are so many people calling in, and they wanted the baptism of the spirit, and God spoke to me.

And he said, “They are not hearing this in the church.”  So many churches, and they are seeker sensitive, and they are worrying about tongues, and I know the Pentecostal churches, you know, the Pentecostal churches, and I’m not saying anything against the Assemblies of God, and I grew up with them, and my grandfather got them off the ground, and back in the 1900s, and I’ve got nothing bad for them.

I’m talking about the pastors and they are joining the seeker sensitive thing and they do not want to speak in tongues, but folks, and it breaks my heart, and they are not allowing this, and I’m like really? And honestly and do you think that you are wiser than the Holy Ghost? And do you think you know more than God?

And do you think you know more than God? And do you really, do you think that you have and you have more wisdom than the Lord? Or do you want to fill up the churches and you don’t care who comes in, but my God says, he will bring back the church, and he will prune back the branches, not everybody should be in the church.

And that might be a shock to you and there are those who do not belong and to cause problems and disrupt things, and God can take them back to make a church grow what I’m saying this, don’t have anything to do with that, and I think that would be one of the most of money things, and maybe I will get some fan mail a don’t care. I will speak the truth to you.

And we have got to allow the Holy Spirit and God himself to do what he wants to do in our churches and when we allow God to rise up in our churches I will tell you what, that will be such a we Bible and I know what I feel in my spirit and I know the people that I’m speaking to and they are tired of playing church, and they are sick and tired of going through the motions and I’m glad to hear that because, and I started a church one time, and me and my wife and we had all of the people going through the church.

you know, then I decided to go visit everybody in I was shocked, I said a civil question to reach one and why did you leave?

And they told me, and they left because as a pastor, and I cannot imagine and I cannot hardly say this, but a pastor if we go to your church, we have got to live it. And then I say and why do you go down to the church down the road, and that makes them feel good, they said.

And it reminded me of Saul, and Saul, listen to me, and Saul and he disobeyed the Lord. And the spirit of the Lord was taken away from him and it says, that God sent an evil spirit to torment him, and then David would play musicto quiet him down, and this is all I heard, and you just want to hear the quiet things to help your conscience but you do not want to serve the living God, and I would not want to be in their shoes, that was horrifying, and enough of that and I did not mean to say all of that, but let’s get into the word of God.

and pray with me and we can get into the word and God has given me a special word, and pastor, you say that almost every night, but I have a special word for somebody. and I think you for this word and what we are about to receive and I pray for your anointing to be upon us, and we would pray tonight that you would show forth your glory in this place, that you would have your way, and I do pray, that you will touch the heartache, and set the people free.

I pray tonight that you will fill up the people that have a desire to be with the living God and they want your Holy Spirit, and I pray that you would give them overflowing, and Lord, and I pray that you would bring a revival like we have never seen before and I pray there would be a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit, go over the land like nothing we have ever seen before, and we do seek your face, and we pray for your will to be done and set the people free, and raise up a mighty army.

I pray tonight in the name of jesus, that you would have mercy on us and for your great namesake, and I pray that you will move upon your people to set you back on the throne of our lives and we will make you the Lord of our lives so that we might see, and that we might see who you are.

And we want you in the nation again. And we humble ourselves before you, father. and we say, please, please, have mercy. And have mercy on this nation and on these people. And I pray that you would use the country again, and let us take the gospel around the world. And the precious name of Jesus we pray, amen. Amen now, and we are to the book of Genesis and I know what God spoke to me and I know that God uses his word for many people.

But this is how beautiful our God is. And God spoke to me and he said, “I’ve got a word and speak my word for an individual.” and this is for an individual but I said, you know, and we are reaching about 160 million people around the country.

And you have got a word for an individual? And you would take the time for them? And he said, “I have got a word for an individual and listen to me. And this will speak to many people. And that somebody, I believe, somebody will be touched tonight, and now, and Abraham’s wife, Sarah had no children, and she had an a gypsy and made servant, Hagar, and she said, you can sleep with my husband, and then I could build a family through her, and then Abraham agreed, and when he had been in Canaan for 10 years, and then they took the servant.

Hagar, and he he was the wife, and then she conceived, and when she knew she was pregnant, she began to despise this woman, and then Sarah said, you are responsible for this, wrong that I have done, and now she knows she is pregnant, and she despises me,

and the Lord will judge this and your servant is in your hands, and do with her whatever you would think rest, and then Sarah mistreated Hagar, and when I read this, and I can just see this conversation going on in a typical marriage, and this woman decided to do it, and now the husband is in trouble and it is his fault, and instead of doing what he should do, he says okay, do what you want but I don’t want to be on the couch anymore. and the angel of the Lord, found Hagar, and there was a spring that was beside the road, and then he said, Hagar, and listen, hear me, and hear me, and she said, and the angel said, you are Hagar, and where have you come from and where are you going? I am running away from my mistress she said,

Sarah I’m running away, then the angel said, go back to your mistress, and submit, and the angel says, I will increase you, and there would be too many to count, and the angel of the Lord said, you are now going to have a baby and a son, and you will call him Ishmael, for the Lord has heard the misery and he will be a wild donkey, and he will be against everybody and everybody will be against him, and he will be in hostility to his brothers.

and she spoke to the Lord, and you are seeing me, and God, now, I have now seen the one who sees me, and that is why they called the well, and that would still be where it still is, all right, listen, this means, now let me see, and this means, the well of the living God who sees me. And then Hagar had her son, and then the son had the name Ishmael, and then Abraham, and he was 86 and then when there was Ishmael, and this means, God is listening.

And this is what God is spoken to me. And you hear me. And somebody, you need to hear this tonight. And you, and you have been mistreated read and you have not been treated the way that you should be. But on the other hand, you are not innocent either. And you see, and the servant Hagar, even though she was mistreated, and she was in a place where she did not want to be, and then she had a child that she did not want, at that time, and be put into that place, and she was there anyway and she had no choice but to submit, and then she did wrong.

and she had bitterness in her heart and anger and frustration. and then she left, and she did what she should not have done. And God looked down upon her and he had mercy upon her. And then he saw her. And he spoke these wonderful things to her. And he told her to go home, and I can see and I can hear you and I’m with you. And I am the God that sees you and I am the God that is listening to you. And I am the God that will deliver you. And bless you. And be with you.

And listen to me. And somebody needs to hear this tonight. And God sees your misery and God sees your position, and he’s the good and the bad in your life and that makes no difference but he will pour out his mercy upon you. And you will have mercy and God will pour out his grace upon you. And the sibling means, he will give you favor that you did not earn, because he is the God who sees and he can hear and he loves you. And be at peace. And God is with you.