Believe in Prayer
Believe in Prayer

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May 31, 2016

>Jeff:I guess you are wondering who with this would be next to me. If you did not meet him the first time, this would be Thomas Ford the Third, and we have the third one here and this is working out, and he was in the movie, “War Room.”  You played the captain at the beginning of the movie.

So, and you played the captain in the beginning of the movie and I wanted him to come back and be with us one more time. We got so many kind emails about him, and we appreciate him so much. Before I allow him, and he will take off here, but go ahead my brother, please introduce yourself and I want to talk to the folks.  Continue reading Pray!

We Are Reaching the World.

reach the world.
Let’s Reach the World.

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May 28, 2016

We thank all of the veterans and for your sacrifice, and my oldest son was in the Navy and my other son was in the Navy. Maybe that would have something to do with that.

Anyway, boy, and he would be sleeping on the deck of the ship, and they were on a ship and they were the only men, and they did not have to shave and they did not have enough water to shave.

They were on a ship that was smelly. Anyway. I’m sorry and they wrote something down they should not have on the screen anyway, and we found out some things today, and we did not know.  I want to read some things in a moment.  We can get into prayer.  Father we thank you for this you to full, and we thank you for this beautiful day.  Continue reading We Are Reaching the World.

You Will Be Vomited Out Of the Land.

man bowing in prayer.
How Bad Do You Want It?

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May 27, 2016

>Jeff: Praise the Lord and I’m so glad to be with you tonight and I’m pastor Jeff Lane. If you do not know me, and I do not mean to scare you, and stick with us, and God loves you and I love you, I promise that I will always give you the truth, and maybe I might make a mistake, well, the Lord will show me and I will let you know.

I try to preach what is right and the best I can. This has been a while since I have spoken with you I try to listen to the Holy Spirit. We have got quite the sermon tonight, and you need to pray for me.

This has got to do the way God wants it, and I want you to pray now, and pray with me, and we can get into the word of God, and we have got some more satellite pictures, I want to show you in the program, and a lot of wonderful testimonies that came in today and I appreciate you letting me know.  Continue reading You Will Be Vomited Out Of the Land.

Light the Night with Prayer