Put on the Full Armor

Heart covered in armor
Wear the Whole Armor of God.

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October 22, 2016

>Jeff: Praise the Lord, good to be with you tonight. We were talking about the intro, we can change it again, this is a work in a process.  I was all excited about a new studio, and we should do something special, like a grand opening.

We are talking, and we and we were in Branson, Missouri, and we were with, a show, that was so neat and with the fireworks, and that is what we need to do now let me show you what they did for me, okay?

They said that was a great idea, so they gave me the sparklers, and this would be for the pyrotechnics, and we have got some sparklers, and that can show up. Continue reading Put on the Full Armor

You Are an Ambassador for Christ.

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October 21, 2016

We are going to get into the word of God right away, if you want to open your Bible we could go back to Psalms 110, and pray with me. Let us see what God does tonight and father we thank you for your word, and tonight, your word would come forth, and Lord, it is sharper than any sword, it will reveal the truth.

I pray that you were would come out, I pray that you would speak it tonight. I pray this would go forth and able to do what you want. We give you the praise and the glory in the name of Jesus and Amen. Continue reading You Are an Ambassador for Christ.

It Is by His Spirit.

Jeff Has a Sense of Humor–We have phone problems.

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October 20,2016

God bless you and were so glad to be with you tonight. I do not know if you were with us last night and I pray you were.  The teaching tonight would be a progression from where we were last night, and I will try to bring you up to date as we go.

I have been working on the telephone a problem and maybe I have a solution and I want to see what you think. I believe this would be the answer right here, it is proven to be so much more real.

I have got and I have got this and it is so much more reliable, and  how to work on this, and we can have them and we can have one more job we can do. Continue reading It Is by His Spirit.

Light the Night with Prayer