True Worship.

true worship.
True Worship.

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February 11, 2016

Jeff : Praise the Lord and we are so glad to be with you tonight, we have pastor Brandon is with us again and he could pray with me tonight, and I’m excited, and we have had some wonderful breakthroughs and we have so much happening, miracles and we are touching God, who is so good. I wish I had about three hours but I don’t. And we have got to get busy praying.  And we can to pray, and i’ll be letting my brother pray, and then i’ll get into the word.

>>Brandon: Amen, Amen, and we praise God, and we are so grateful, and we call upon your name heavenly father, Lord Jesus, and I pray father God and I pray, you would help us today, in the mighty name of Jesus and this would be a blessing to be used by you as a vessel, and the name of Jesus, Amen.

>>Jeff: Excuse me. We could go to the book of Ezekiel, and I’ll be going through this so fast, and try to keep up, and I’ll go through this fast, and I want to talk about a worship tonight and we have spoken about this before but God is so good, and do not think that we could begin to comprehend worship.

We can speak a little bit and laid the foundation that we have got to begin with the head of the worship, and the person that was in charge of the worship and believe it or not, that was Satan, he was in charge of the worship. This can be such a wonderful thing. Continue reading True Worship.

Humility Is Key.

man bowing in prayer.
Humility Is the Key.

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February 10, 2016

>Jeff:Praise the Lord and this is good to be with you tonight. I’m excited about tonight and I want to share some things with you off of the bat, and all I have, I thought this was a cute sign, and they made me some artwork, and Jesus loves pastor Jeff at the prayer meeting, I thank you, and I thank you for this and I thought it was cute. In our house, I like this so much I will frame this, I would wear a little pin, and it says, love me because I am the pastor.

Love me because I am the pastor and Jesus loves me so you must love me. That would be the rule.  I must lay down some groundwork tonight and I got the report, and this disturbs me, I don’t how many hours, and people say the same thing, I cannot get through and I cannot get through, I have not gotten through for 6 years.

The report shows how many calls are trying to get through. Sometimes we have 4000 people trying to get through. I here, I wanted to know and people did pretty good, to call every other week. And I want to spend time with the Lord. I’m asking again, please, keep your calls down to once every 14 days or more. I have so many people wanting to get through, and they have never been able to get through before. I want you to show love and be courteous and a lot of them to get through if you will.  Continue reading Humility Is Key.

Everlasting Glory.


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February 9, 2016

Praise the Lord, I’m so glad to be with you tonight. And I know that will have a great program tonight, and I’m having a Murphy evening, and sometimes you think things cannot go wrong, they do–twice. We were going to have a guest, however he could not be here, arrive, I hope he could come back in the future, I want to have the pastor on. Also, I am not gonna go into it. And We will just get into the program.

And we can let God have his way, and when things like this happen, we know it can be a great night. And we thank you for the word that we have received, I believe this can set some people on the fire. They will be quickened in the spirit, they will have a Revelation and this is a Rhema Word, they would be understand what they have not understood in the past. Continue reading Everlasting Glory.

Light the Night with Prayer