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November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving.

>Jeff: Happy Thanksgiving and I pastor Jeff Lane and I’m glad to be with you tonight and once again, and we just want to say, happy Thanksgiving and we love you and appreciate you and we are so glad that we can share Thanksgiving with you this morning, and we would like to share some turkey, but I don’t know how we can get that, and I spent most of the day cooking and I love to cook, and my wife is thankful for that, and I do smell like garlic and onions. Everything should have garlic and onions in them and the way that I cook. To each his own.

And I had some stuffing, and Daniel will be eating that tomorrow, and that say, there would be a lot left over, and hopefully, this recipe would work out much better. I find it fun to relax and have this. Tomorrow will be seeing what is happening and I know that will be turning out really well, and you consider me a good recipe if you would like to.

We would be getting into Luke chapter 14, and we can study, and we will wrap it up tonight. And now let’s just go to the Lord in prayer and let him have his way tonight. And we will see what happens and father we thank you for another beautiful night, and that we could come before you, and we pray that your Holy Spirit would be upon us.  Continue reading Authority-Continued.

Bulldog Tenacity

be like a bulldog
Be like A Bulldog

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November 25, 2015

>Jeff: hi, I’m Jeff Lane and I’m your host tonight.

I’ve got a little bit of sad news tonight, and we have been praying for a lady out in California, and she had lymphoma cancer, in the spinal column and the brain, and she lost the battle tonight, and we spoke with the family, and I just wanted to say to the family, that our hearts and prayers are with you. I truly hurt for you. Her name was Carrie.

I lost my father to this, and maybe sometimes, and these things are personal.

And sometimes I don’t do everything God has but I do believe that she is with us tonight, and obviously she’s not here, but I came to the Scripture, and I want to talk about it for a little bit tonight, and this would be first Corinthians 13. Continue reading Bulldog Tenacity

Authority. Part Two.

you have authority.
You Have Authority.

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November 24, 2015

> good morning I’m pastor Jeff Lane and I have such a privilege to be here tonight.  I got a box full of letters and I began to read through some of them. And they have touched my heart and thank you for the letters. I got one from someone, Ruby, and she said me some book markers, and if you notice, I’m pulling my papers, and these are my old papers, and now I have got the book markers and I thank you so much.

And then of God, I’ve got this one, and someone made, they put this together and thank you so much. And a letter that touched me, and somebody come and they seem to know the way of my heart, I will just say, that her name is Mary. And it says from the heart of Mary but this was written to my wife.

I thank you very much, she was very tickled by your letter. It meant a lot to her and I just want to thank you so very much for the letter, Mary. And I just want to say, it is nice to know there are people who shop at Stein Mart, and my wife is a special customer, and she spends it so much money that would not be a good thing, people.

And she spends way too much at one store, and she thinks it would be a great thing. And we are always teasing her being about a Stein Mart elite customer and we thank you so much, and I don’t deserve you all, and I mean this with all of my heart. And I do not deserve you and it would be the grace of God that I am here.  Continue reading Authority. Part Two.