Come by the Humble Altar

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July 26.2016

Jeff:  We pray for what we are about to receive and I pray that you would blessed to the people, and I pray you would bless their bodies and in every good way into the word.

I pray that they could see, I would pray and we thank you for it and we thank you for your anointing, and I pray that you will let them hear, and more than that and I pray that they could receive and they could walk in this.  Amen.

All right. We would go to Matthew 16 and we would go to 13, and fasten your seat belt, when Jesus came to the region of Caesarea, he told the disciples, and he wanted them to who Jesus was. Some of the disciples said, he is John the Baptist or Elijah, or maybe one of the prophets, Jesus turned to Peter and he said, who do you say that I am? Continue reading Come by the Humble Altar

Psalm 139 Continued

Call on God note
Call upon the Lord.

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July 16, 2016

>Jeff: Hi, I’m pastor Jeff Lane and this would be pastor Becky and I’m so glad to have her tonight. I had a rough night last night, I was driving home, I stopped at a gas station, and you know, and if you don’t have you know, I love “Wah Wah” and we thank you New York for the gasoline station “Wah Wah”. I filled up my gasoline, and the car and my car did not start, I was in a panic, I was calling my wife and Mike, and I did not know what to do.

There was no way I could call the company and tell them I was the pastor with the dead Kia Soul, –the dead soul. That does not look like, that would be no good and if the National Enquirer heard about it, I jump started the car, I got to thinking and we would do that as teenagers, I got a battery and fixed it, it wasn’t embarrassing so anyway, it is running again, and my “soul” is alive [Kia Soul].

We thank you for your protection, and thank you for being on me last night, and I pray that you would be with us tonight that your hand would be upon the people, and you would do great things and we thank you for the continuation, and the testimonies and the praise reports flooding in, and we thank you so much, and may you continue to anoint the prayer cloths, with your presence and with the Holy Ghost, for the prayers of the saints, and I pray that you would anoint the airwaves tonight and the name of Jesus, Amen. Continue reading Psalm 139 Continued

Humble Yourself before the Lord.

You Can Be Cleansed at the Cross.
You Can Be Cleansed at the Cross.

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July 15, 2016

Praise the Lord, and I’m glad to be with you tonight, and I am pastor Jeff Lane. I’ll be praying with you tonight and will go to Psalms 139. Psalms 139 would be my favorite, that would be my favorite in the whole Bible.

It has been very hot today and we were hit by lightning, and the yesterday we had a problem with the transmitter, and everything is back up now we did not get any rain where I was, I had to change my brakes.

I don’t how many people on TV, and they will change their brakes but I changed my brakes and it was so hot. It was so hot, and the enemy went north, and he could not stand it, it was hotter than any other place. Anyway, I got my car up and going and no, I praise the Lord for that, but it was hot today. Continue reading Humble Yourself before the Lord.

Light the Night with Prayer