Whosoever Will

open door
The Door Is Open.

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October 3, 2015.


Praise the Lord, I’m so glad to be with you tonight, I’m pastor Jeff, I’ll be your host tonight again, I’ll be gone next week. I will miss you. Me my wife have an anniversary. I have some men coming in to pray with you, God will bless you. And I will be back in about a week, I need a little break if you do not mind. It is been a difficult ride but a good one.

A couple of things I want to go over you quickly before we have the word, I want to remind you, if you have not heard, pastor Janet cannot come back, from my understanding she is in the hospital-again, she broke her hip, she is on dialysis, her husband has passed away, his funeral will be tomorrow, continue to pray for her lift her up she needs your prayers.

This is all I know about that situation, when I hear more I will let you know, I want you to know why she is not here she cannot be here. Also I’ve got a praise report, this would be a good one, last night, I got a call from my friend, Eric one of the men, they pray for us, that was Jodi.

He came to the Lord, he did not tell anybody he did not good health, they were watching last night they were praying for us, they pray with us every night, then he began to bleed began to vomit, he went into another room, they called us, you prayed with me, we prayed together. God moved in a bracket this way then he called back, he said, he was healed. However, Eric is not happy with simply saying that anybody is healed, he had a friend, they went to the doctor, they did some test today, he has stomach cancer, liver cancer, and leukemia.

He’ll be bringing the x-rays, but now there is no cancer, he is completely totally absolutely healed. He is cancer free, cleansed by the blood of the Lamb, however you want to say it set free from the cancer. God is good. Continue reading Whosoever Will

Seek First the Kingdom

Graphic: seek first the kingdomListen to: “Seek First the Kingdom. ”  October 2, 2015


All right, I have had, I have had many prayer needs, I get them all day, and through my blog, and the email, and I just, and people, you have no idea of the needs that are out there, and we should continue to pray and continue to pray and seek the Lord, and I want you to pray with me. God has laid some things upon my heart.

I want you to pray with me and continue to pray for me and I’ll pray for this program. I believe that God wants to do some wonderful things here. and some things, that will increase the ministry and so be praying about that, okay?and I will leave it at that and now let’s pray. let’s get into the word of God, and allow the Holy Spirit to have his way.

And father we come to you and we pray for Janet, and she is much love, and she always will be, for the people of CTN, I have seen the love they have for her in this place, and that will never change. And I pray, that your sweet Holy Spirit, and I know it is on our sister, and our low pastor, and I know your spirit is with her, and I pray, that you would bring her peace and help her in this very, very difficult time.

I would pray that you would raise her up again, and strengthen her. I pray that you’re perfect will would be done in her life, and we prayed that your sweet anointing would be upon this program tonight, Lord, and I do not know what to say, your church, and I pray that your anointing would be stronger than ever,and that you love and that your healing virtue would flow through the airwaves, and set the people free, and when your son, sat down, and when he read from the book of Isaiah, and then he said, “In me, I have given you the year of Jubilee.” and may the year of Jubilee be ours, and the people would be set free tonight. Continue reading Seek First the Kingdom

He’s Coming Back!

Noah and the ark
We are in the times of Noah.

Listen to “He’s Coming Back.” October 1, 2015.


Hi, I’m pastor Jeff, and I’m glad to be with you tonight. I had a wonderful night last night and I that you enjoyed it is much as I did, and I felt like I would feel the power of God so much I would fall right out of my chair. It was that a powerful.

Let’s go to the Lord in prayer but before we do have got a few things that I would like to go over and we want you to keep Janet in your prayers. The last I heard she had gone back in the hospital and maybe she is out again. And also, for her and for her husband passing away, that was last week we will keep her in our prayers. For those of you that have not heard, she is not going to be returning to the program, she is not able and she is not able. Just keep her in your prayers, please.

I have some prayer needs, that we were praying for, and we can get into the word and then we will go right into the prayer needs and father we just thank you Lord, we thank you for your sweet Holy Spirit. And father we thank you for the Holy Spirit being here tonight. Oh, and a dear Jesus,
flow-through the Holy Spirit and through the airwaves and to the people and their rooms. And when you are on the earth you would proclaim the year of Jubilee, and father we do not need, we do not need a physical Jubilee, and we have a spiritual Jubilee.

That will translate into our substance, and into our lives. I pray, this would be a night of another Jubilee. Another celebration of all that your son has done for us, and have your way sweet Holy Spirit in Jesus name, set the people free. We do bind all of the powers of the darkness from this place and from this place, CTN, and from the airwaves and the name of Jesus, Amen.

I’ve got word tonight, and I’ve had it for the last few nights and I feel strongly about it, I remember, do you remember, that Jesus loves you and I love you, and you must love me because I am a pastor and you have no choice and now let’s go to the book of Hosea, let’s go to 4:1. Continue reading He’s Coming Back!