More on the Second Coming.

He's Coming Again.
He’s Coming Again.

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April 26, 2016

Jeff: we have been talking about this, and we can get into some more things tonight, I hope that they will get you excited a little bit, to maybe get you, and maybe you need to get out and bring in more souls for the Lord, I hope so, we would be in the book of Revelation and from 22 and then to book of Daniel. I want to read this from Revelation and We will come back to it, you will understand. We might not get to it tonight but you will understand before the week is out.

In my blog, okay? And we did not get anything up on Friday, and maybe not tonight, and I’ll make it tomorrow, and I’ll be putting up some blogs, the authority of the believer. And we will continue and you could maybe go a little further than what I have done. I think that you will find it, it is very interesting and helpful I want to let you know, and my blog did not disappear, and we were in a place where there was no Internet.

Becky could not do it, and we apologize for that, and that will be corrected before the week is out. Let’s go to the Lord in prayer, and we thank you for all that you have done in the past, and we thank you for all of the healings– I am overwhelmed by your grace and what you have done, and what you are doing, what you will do, and we pray tonight, that you would have your way, and have your way and do your will, and I pray that you would pour out your love and compassion. Lord, and what can I say? You are so eager to be with your people. Continue reading More on the Second Coming.

Second Coming. Part 2.

silhouette prayer warrior
Be Ready for His Coming.

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April 23, 2016

Jeff: Praise the Lord. We are glad to be back with you tonight. I’ve got my wife Becky, and hello Becky. We have got to get something straight, they were picking on me all day, and you must pardon me.

I have been told, I should allow Becky to talk more. They say, that I am not allowing her to talk. That would be her choice Tell them the truth. That would be her choice. I am not keeping her from talking.

If she wants to talk, I cannot stop her. Trust me on that one. That has nothing to do with me. She can be a little bashful Becky. She can be bashful at times. When the spirit of God hits her, watch out.

Okay? I want to vindicate myself a little bit. But anyway, we can get into the Word, and we will talk about the end times. I will talk about some more things. There is a reason I’m doing this in a certain order.  Continue reading Second Coming. Part 2.

The End Times

Noah and the ark
We are in the times of Noah

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April 22, 2016

>Jeff: God bless you. So good to be here tonight. We will be in chapter 3 of 2nd Peter, if you want to go there and we’ll talk about the end times.

God has been so gracious to give us so much insight into what is going to be happening for the end times. I will be laying a foundation. Let’s go into prayer, and will get into this. Father, we would just pray tonight that you will would be done and bless the people, we thank you for those had been healed, for those that been set free and saved.

I would pray that you would continue to increase our faith and Lord, I would pray, and for those that cannot get through, please touch them. Meet their need and heal the sick. I pray, that you would restore their bodies and their minds.

I pray that you would give them the healing and we give you the glory in the name of Jesus, Amen. We would go to chapter 3 and verse 3, and here we go, and first of all you must understand that in the last days, people will be scoffers and they will follow their evil desires. They will say, where is his coming?  Continue reading The End Times

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