Jesus Is Coming—Now!

the 2nd coming.
He Is Coming.

Jesus Is Coming—Now!


June 24, 2017

>> Praise the Lord. Excuse me. Welcome to The Prayer Meeting.

>>I am pastor Becky.

Jeff: I am pastor Jeff Lane. I cannot talk, that would be an amazing thing, isn’t it? We are live on the air. You will be able to call in and we can get together in prayer. I want to move along rather quickly.

Father, we thank you for the word tonight. We thank you for what we are about to receive and we would pray that your glory would fall upon this place. Have your way and have your way. In the name of Jesus, we pray for the will of God to be done, Amen.

Last night, I was trying to read, I have had a problem reading and what would be the matter?  I don’t know but maybe I had somebody’s glasses. Oh, well. Continue reading Jesus Is Coming—Now!

Come Home.

God Can Turn It around.

Listen to: “Come Home”


June 23, 2017

Praise the Lord. I am glad to be here tonight. I thought last night was very special and God is good. I look forward to tonight. I, I want to untie my tongue so I am not a professional, I am pastor Jeff Lane and this program is live on the air.

We will talk about all of the someday but not today and we will go to second Samuel chapter 14.  Let’s go to the Lord in prayer in the name of Jesus I ask you for your presence, fall on this place.

I pray that you would fill the people with the anointing, and touch the people in their homes. I thank you now, I thank you for the praise reports, thank you for all that you are doing.

We would pray for a another night that your presence would be greater. Amen. Last night, I spoke about, and my car went out of control going to a funeral, I got into the funeral, the place was full of homosexual people. Continue reading Come Home.

Build on the Firm Foundation

He is your foundation.

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June 22, 2017

>Jeff: Praise the Lord. I am pastor Jeff Lane. This program is live on the air with prayer. Excuse me. If you pay attention, I’m a lightheaded tonight, you will figure that out later. I got my haircut. Somebody did a trick on me. I was looking down.

It started, I was looking at the floor and there was so much gray hair, my hair was brown. Then, I had to go get a new drivers license, I look at my old license from eight years ago. Something strange happened, and one man had white hair and one man had dark hair. The cameras don’t work like they used to.

Let’s get to prayer, let’s get into prayer. We shall pray about everything. Father we thank you for the word. We thank you for what we are about to receive. I pray that you would help me to preach this like it was given to me, for your glory. I pray the people would be healed. I thank you. Amen. Continue reading Build on the Firm Foundation